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  1. @bsdpowa you mean my trouble free, ACURA TSX~! SURE! :]

  2. what happens if an accident happens in front of you? does the system depend on you taking control at that point? so u still have to pay attention to the road?

  3. U r wrong, It show signal at 1:55 😀

  4. @subzerocorfu
    its using technology not being used by it. " hurr durr technology is bad " oh rly? wow dude.. wondering how you mad this post without technology. pc/internet? i think 30 years ago there were som retards like you talking: " internet? hell no .. ill wirte my letter by hand – go back to the kitchen internet " .. just bcoz you are not used to it dosent mean its bad.

  5. This is all great, But I hope you will stick to basic mechanics of the car. I should be able to have zero assists if I want.

  6. @smlifyrasor While it’s hard not to agree with you under the limitations of that particular context, your argument is still primarily based on logistical efficiency, both in terms of risk and time. My point is that such a dramatic shift towards external dependency would not only be riskier in the event of a crisis, but it would also slowly deteriorate one’s individual ability to sustain oneself⎯if you force yourself to consider every implication of automated driving & similar automated. . .

  7. at 1:55, we can see that it uses the turn signal 😉

  8. Go forward BMX.

  9. BMW is behind other makers like Volvo or VW even Merc in developing crazy safety & convenient technologies.

  10. @thecubanratio1 I dono about you, but my quality of life would be greatly improved if I didn’t have to focus on commuting to and from work for 2.5 hours a day. Heavy traffic is stressful, and stress is pretty bad for you.. Not to mention the risks to our lives, from both ourselves and others, on the road.

    I can’t see how life wouldn’t be improved greatly by such a change. 2 extra hours to relax or work. Driving doesn’t make us competent, and it going away wont hurt anyone..

  11. I remember thinking as a young child about if this would ever happen. Little disturbing to see this is already being developed…. I’m only a college student now. It hasn’t been that long.

  12. @Wazooty dude…..dont get me wrong,and im no retard i love tec,i could not live without it(sad but true)..but tec should have limits..yes make things easier and safer,but this is the start of beeing toatally controlled. and im just not up to that mate.

  13. lmfao stupid germans should be more concerned in making their cars reliable instead of focusing on these pointless over the top technology.

  14. @mummimoi 1:55 min?

  15. Yes it did, 1:55

  16. I wouldnt give up driving my e34 525i… The pleasure of driving the right car is unmeasureable.. I wouldnt let a computer take away the fun of driving an bmw!

  17. we cant even make computers can recognize somewhat garbled text but we are going for making cars that drive themselves, well i do believe in AI but this is bunch of prioritized algorithms wont cut it, they made a good commercial and PR mambo-jambo though.

  18. no i wont!! cars malfunction… and besides this takes the fun out of driving? like wtf? quit being lazy and just drive…

  19. @uudo No, of course not. That would be impossible.

    What I’m saying is, once these cars have been around long enough, and all new cars come with these features standard.. Which WILL happen, it wont be expensive forever, technology gets cheaper after time.. THEN the laws will start to change.

    Most peoples’ cars break down after 20 years max, because people don’t maintain them properly. Eventually only obsessive care keeps them going.
    Also, kits will be made, to install into older cars.

  20. Car accidents will still happen. Just probably not as much.

  21. @undocumentedspot Well, that’s a problem with present day software, sure. But these things improve with time. And self-driving cars, which lives depend on, will have redundant backup systems, that will take over in the event of a failure or issue.

    The other possibility, in the not-so-distant future, intelligent software that "writes" other software, and bug tests it too. Something like this could potentially write far better systems for these things. But that’s just a guess.

  22. Powered with LabVIEW? 🙁

  23. GOPRO 1:29!!

  24. If this car was to drive me exsacly thru stop and go traffic by its self I would so buy it

  25. @thecubanratio1, Well maybe. And those could be problems we’ll have to deal with someday.. But it’s kinda impossible to stop such technological progress, based on those concerns. Yes, it will change industries, and alter how society sees certain things.. But that’s not necessarilly a bad thing, just a change.

    All technology on a whole, is moving in that direction, and it’s hard to say what will happen. All we can be sure of, is that huge change will come, as technology advances.

  26. @smlifyrasor Well what it comes to isn’t a question of stopping the technological progress, but rather how we implement it. If you truly believe in making manual driving illegal, that only reinforces a rather tragic theme of technological innovation: making our lives easier, but neither better nor more fulfilling; making our lives logistically more efficient, but us ourselves more indolent and incompetent. If you still disagree, at least consider the quality of life, & not simply the quantity.

  27. I think I would be stressing out more because I’m not in control. That is a scary thought

  28. did anyone see if it indicated while changing lanes…?

  29. wtf is a bmx…

  30. soon dashboards will make the steering wheel look like an accessory

  31. @smlifyrasor . . .technology within the context of the fictitious futuristic society of ours it would exist in. & driving in it of itself is a competency, albeit not, when viewed individually, an essential one.

  32. @smlifyrasor come on all of us programmers know that bug-free software won’t ever happen in any near future.sure it will improve but over decades or centuries. or until we have perfect 100% bug free robot tested for many years that can write bug-free software on a perfect hardware. Until then the perfect backup for this system is for the driver to stay alert and ready to take control at anytime. I imagine how people gonna misuse the system, texting, sexting and playing farmville while in seat.

  33. I started to do a site PRAI – Portal of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

  34. Google one was better 😀

  35. @smlifyrasor the only thing i fear driving a BMW is it not starting or leaving me stranded in the middle of nowhere. Fuel pump FAIL for the FAIL..

  36. NOW this is good. With Japan and all their weird looking concept cars that make no sense at all but are still EXTREMELY clever, are kinda useless tbh. But THIS can be intertwined with our already existing systems! Brilliant work 🙂

  37. and the next will be minor changes in your route that you go pass some near by shopping centers and discounts will popup on your screen to make you want to go shopping .. 😀 great I can´t wait .. but i wonder how many people will dare to go out from a car with all the social media active and not to mention that there will be probably no work to go to .. all will be automated .. yes future 🙂 put a burger in my mouth and keep me silent .. :*

  38. crazy germans

  39. @smlifyrasor true if computer software are bugs free. unfortunately, that’s as realistic as fiction especially when comes to sophisticated software. these systems in fact designed with the requirement for the driver to stay alert to take control anytime there is a need.

  40. Pauze at 0:01 ; MISTER BURNS! 😀

  41. @smlifyrasor I agree with you to a certain extent, but the concept you have proposed will not only destroy the automotive enthusiast and part of the purpose of private transportation, and ultimately stagnate growth in the automotive industry, but also (and most importantly) will extraordinarily facilitate the increasing level of incompetence of the human race as a whole. Yes, it will save lives, but only at the expense of basic human self-sufficiency, autonomy, and independence. #WALL-E

  42. The driver has to be responsible and ready to take over… Some people barely pay attention now, and they’re actually driving the car.

  43. use the bus, bro

  44. @smlifyrasor stop driving then you bellend

  45. well if u watch from 1:53 to 1:57 the turn signal was on look closely

  46. If there is a sudden problem with the car like flat tire, etc?

  47. is it availiable in India, @BMW

  48. If i had a Bimmer, i would prefer to drive it myself.

  49. @smlifyrasor You know, life would be safer if it were illegal to leave your apartment to do anything other than go to work. We should legislate that people spend the weekends curled up in the fetal position in their bathrooms. Think of the LIVES we’d save if we did this! Leaving the house kills so many people! It’s not worth it AT ALL!

  50. Endlich mal was Deutsches

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