BMW i 360° Electric

Within the 360° ELECTRIC portfolio, BMW i groups a wide range of innovative products and services that make electric driving a comfortable experience and a daily pleasure: from simple home charging and the ease of using a continually expanding network of charging stations to networked navigation and the option of using conventional cars for vacation trips with BMW Add-on Mobility.

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  1. Song please man ??

  2. Out of one system (oil based) and already stooped more deeply into another (electrical outlet monopolies, traceable money exchanges and whereabouts).

    Not appealing.

  3. What song title?

  4. dreamin car 

  5. i see this video again again and again .i have a question.why the hell the usa will using the europe car plate?

  6. Yeah i have seen it to. i guess they want to tell us that you can only drive it in city’s.. as they cant do what tesla does..

  7. Competition for Tesla! Love it.

  8. Does the wife come with it? (Borat mode)

  9. name of the song plz!!!!!!

  10. sorry – but the car is rubbish

  11. Not even Shazam can get the name of this song. Jesus.

  12. I love it so much

  13. love the car! just hope the town infrastructures are ready for it

  14. they didn’t show below the hood , because there is nothing inside. no engine , just batery and same price as a car with an complex engine without thousands parts..nice marketing lol …we are not pigeons 😉

  15. Have you heard about Tesla Motors?
    If for you this looks "awesome" then Tesla Motors will be the heaven.

  16. Electric noo???? LOVE E30 ancetre
    NO " BMW i M360° ELECTRIC ? Hahahaha

  17. It shows a part of their concept. If you are going to make a long distance trip and are worried about range, you can get a combustion car for that.

  18. how far it can drive ??

  19. His prise????

  20. Just download the song of the video. Does any of the new BMW’s have that alphabet touching control where you draw the letter you want to go to? I have a 328i, 2011 ,so , I am sure I am out of the new BMW’s technology. A 328i, 2011 I believe is very basic compared to what the 2013 and 2014 can do these days. Does anyone know? This commercial gives me quasi-organs. 

  21. name a battery swap company that’s not going out of business. Tesla’s batter swap isn’t for daily recharging.

    Also, read the specs….I3 comes with an optional range extender (like the Chevy Volt)…maybe read a little before you post.

  22. BMW i8 Ad song Novo Sonic Germany.

  23. Very interesting total concept…

  24. where is the motherfucking download link ?!

  25. Is it possible to release this song to the public. Who is this singing? Very impressive.

  26. i swear " i " meant injection !

  27. Just wondering which arse on the i3 team decided to change the side of the i3. How fecked- up is that?! Definitely don’t want it now. Was on par with it’s previous design to such a degree that my neice and nephew would’ve each gotten one while I bought mine for two of the countries I live in, but I guess we’ll have to wait for a decent side design to get back in, or forget about it altogether. No thanks to the adjustment.

  28. the song is a remix by reimer eising (kettel) and lennard van der last (secede) of some song by tessa rose jackson, couldn’t find out wich song tho

  29. what is the name of that song?

  30. I am glad BMW entered this market because I think it’s good to have more electric cars out there   – and I am sure they will get this right eventually. In the meantime, I’ll stick with my much less expensive VOLT that does everything this does, but looks better and can also run on gas. I don’t have to visit the dealer to get a car that will go 300 miles.  I do not understand why the VOLT approach isn’t more popular than it is.  I have a home quick charger so I visit the gas station about once every two months, or if I am on a road trip. I have zero problems with the car and have never been to the dealer for anything.    

  31. Can you put it up for download?

  32. Cool.

  33. that’s right, nobody can believe about this quickly. i know one thing for sure, i’ve been getting paid about $200 a week just for letting brands know what i prefer to buy. you can get it from here: bit.ly151WDXY

  34. It was not clear to me that it was optional. Sorry about that. Sanyo is doing really great right now. Mainly do their way of thinking and creating better and cleaner battery’s. But a range extender is fine if it was also actually used that way. Sad enough they have seen that people that have range extenders in their cars most of the time do not charge their car. any mainly drive on their range extenders making them a normal car again.

  35. Congrats BMW! Looks awesome.

  36. Domo arigato! 🙂

  37. If i knew the car would come with the song, i would not think twice in buying it

  38. so would you post a link or put it in to YouTube for us>>>??

  39. The Song is so great it has to be released!

  40. Hi,

    This song is from??????????????????

  41. i would never get to buy this car..im poor

  42. Lame

  43. The song is here —> adf . ly/TQzon go fast , 100 downloads only :).

  44. Comon no one knows the name of this song ??!!!! seriously !!

  45. Thanks a ton!

  46. Love that BMW finaly goed 100% electric but… god your doing it wrong!

    1: Ever heard about induction charging and eventually induction driving?
    2: What is it with you guys and short range? Why can other experienced companies easy get 300 miles out of a charge and BMW cant…
    3: Now battery swap isn’t new technology so why not BMW?

    Come on BMW give Tesla something to compete!

  47. Still no idea where I can get this song.  Love it

  48. don’t worry guys BMW will never give us the song..!Ever!

    They did that to me once. so cruel! 😀 😉 like my girlfriend. 😀

  49. Dear all, Thank you for your replies. The music was composed exclusively for the BMW i3’s launch.

  50. Tesla is better

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