BMW i3 – is this the world’s most desirable affordable electric car?

There may be disquiet about its gentle rate of climb, but the electric car has, at last, taken off. The BMW i3 is leading the charge. Could it really be better in the real world than the Tesla Model S?

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BMW, along with Tesla, is doing what looked impossible a few years ago. Electric cars are finally becoming desirable. Maybe it took the power of a couple of premium brands to help them on the way. Or maybe it’s the radical looks and carbonfibre structure of the BMW i3? Either way, EVs are here to stay. And if the BMW i3 is anything to go by, they’re here to be enjoyed, rather than endured.

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  1. What a terrible review.

  2. If you want the rear doors to open without opening the front doors you would have to put a pillar and that defeats the whole purpose of a huge opening

  3. Of all electric cars out there, this is my #2 choice or I should say, it’s my #1 non-Tesla choice.

  4. I would get the bmw i3 or a Porsche cayman gt4

  5. 70 miles on a charge. why do blowhards advertise this car?

  6. companies that profit on their internal combustion engine cars, make their electric cars lookso horrible on purpose, so nobody would buy them. But then there is Tesla dealing with this issue and now carmaker giants get scared.

  7. most desirable after the nissan leaf at least.

  8. why the electric cars must be so weird?? just make them normal

  9. And the road noise? Just put the radio on haahah

  10. This 1st generation BMW i3 will be forgotten like the 1st generation Toyota Prius.

  11. ive eaten pizzas larger than those tires

  12. Everybody says that it’s ugly, I love it’s looks though. 👌

  13. Tesla is the only electric car manufacturer with brain they make electric cars not bullish …..Bmw make a decent car design like you got for petrol you scrubs

  14. I can sum up this car in two words "it’s ugly" This makes anything good about the car worth absolutely nothing. First down to earth good handling car powered/propelled like the i3 ……offered with good looks and a realistic price and I will want it. Still waiting.

  15. range extender should be for 200 miles not 80 miles it would make normal car if needed, second car idea is shitty not appealing to anybody especially for this price

  16. Air New Zealand has just replaced its vehical fleet with these

  17. I don’t care how it drives – It looks absolutely shit.

  18. This was the first version, the second version is now out and gives up to 140 miles on pure electric!

  19. My wife and I have one BMW i3 each and we can proudly say we are happy with our purchases. Regarding some of the posts here comparing i3 to Tesla Model S, I am a huge Elon Musk fan. I love Tesla and everything they stand for. However, our i3s cost about half the price of a Tesla Model S. I hope to one day own a Tesla but with that being said, I’m grateful my family gets to drive 2 very advanced Electric Vehicles. I moved up from a Prius and am happy with the switch. Range is not an issue to us because our commute does not exceed 80 miles in a single day. Should we need to go farther BMW will let us borrow a petrol loaner to go on longer trips.

  20. I test drove this box, no power doors at back (i was told is to save energy lol) really? You can this premium?! Ha plus back seat doors cant be opend from outside. The worst case the passenger get to second driver seat open the back door so he can go to the back seat

  21. move over petrolheads. EVs are taking over.
    … and thank God for that. enough of feeding the scumbag oil barons of the terrorist funders.

  22. Hi,

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    The following survey will ONLY take THREE MINUTES to complete and we would be extremely grateful for your input. We are looking for Electric Vehicle owners who are currently living in EUROPE (excl. Ireland & the UK). 

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  23. Actually, 160 miles is useless. I live in rural Australia and it is quite common to cover in excess of three or four hundred kilometers in a day. For example, we often travel to Armidale (NSW) to shop and that is 160 klms in each direction. I imagine that similar distances would apply to motoring in Canada or the U.S. I can see the appeal of EVs for those living on a small land mass like the U.K. or in large cities, but until electric cars can achieve range equal to petrol vehicles they remain off the options list for many of us.

  24. What a styling fiasco!

  25. It’s a 50k car in the US. how the hell is that reliable? Also, it’s a BMW, it won’t be worth shit after the warranty is up since you’ll have to replace everything including the radio. BMW driver = douche bags.

  26. fokin ugleeeeee!!! whatch for next leaf in 2017!

  27. Its not an electric car if it has a petrol engine in the boot.

  28. It isn’t desirable, it’s ugly! It looks like a Nissan Leaf crossed with a Chevy Camaro. Have a little respect for yourself, buy a Tesla.

  29. On top of that 60000 CAD is the cost, that man is truly premium!

  30. I would buy one in a second, if I had the money

  31. borders on genius? Not really… Maybe clever manufacturing but the overall thought process for building the car is completely out of whack and £28k you’d have to be kidding really. I would rather a nissan leaf because at least its true to its word. Its an EV.. not trying to be a petrol car… If the i3 got 150 miles then it would be something to write about. But same as the i8. What the hell is the point. They both actually look crap so thats not the point. They both offer mediocre performance compared to other offerings.Performance is not the point. BMW could easily build a Tesla equivalent which would be great. But they won’t. This car is not even in the same league as the Model S because its totally uncommitted to the EV cause. Its just a compliance car for California… They will just build cars which hang on to the petrol addiction for as long as possible… Or until the world or the economy cant cope any longer… Sorry very poor review. THUMBS DOWN

  32. Bit remiss of you to not know that the range extender model is slower than the pure EV.

  33. BMW’s  are extremely unreliable according with every single Reliability index database in the UK Including :
    1 -(What Car )
    2- Warranty Direct . If you believe I’m wrong , rather than replying Insulting State your Database sources,  Even Renault , Citroen & Daihatsu superceeded BMW in reliability

  34. My Dream Car

  35. I know I desire it

  36. What a lethargic review… WHy not talk about range, charging, and range extending with the gas engine.  Man, my kid could have been more energetic about this car…   also, you don’t mention that with a bmw, you will be paying TOP DOLLAR for any check you need at the dealer!!

  37. I love it! And it’s not a family car so who cares who cares how the back doors open and how big the boot is. When you fold the back seats down its huge! I love it next car I think!

  38. I refuse to acknowledge the i3 as part of the the BMW line up. The i3 is the most aesthetically unpleasing bmw ever made, both in exterior and interior. Not too expensive? The retail price is $45k in the US which is comparable to other electric cars but disgusting when you could pick up a slightly used 3 or 5 series for under $25k. I bought a used 04 325i sport package for $5500, and make about the same power at an average of 20-25mpg(city). I can maintain the car myself aside from paint and fabrication, which in the long run you cant do with the i3.

    My thought is i3 for $45k, or 2012 335i for $24k?

  39. I took for a spin a Leaf, Tesla and this ugly baby beemer – drive is really good but the look! OMG I could not live with it. Why the same people can create something nice like Z4 and awesome looking i8 and the same company made this? It’s like next Fiat Multipla or Pontiac Aztec. Price tag $50k is ridiculous as well.

  40. It looks silly it looks like a Lego toy…I want a teslar or the other electric bmw because this looks like most Japanese cars do if you go to Japan everything is blocky like this.

  41. nice review

  42. Great car looking forward to owning one

  43. I get the rear doors, I had an Mazda RX8 with the same kind of thing, It makes getting in and out of the back seat so easy, all four door cars should be this way,

  44. affordable ..ok desirable .. nope

  45. Not even close

  46. It’s not affordable if it costs over 50K .
    You might as well a Bolt it’s 20K less and has 200 miles range.

  47. everyone knows the road feel was gone from BMW years ago. What is all this "feeling every bit of the road" nonsense?

  48. Bicycle tyres ??? Bizarre
    They’re narrow car tyres 2CV ish ..

    i3 Boarders on Genius It’s a proper EV like a mini Tesla yep agreed superb 🙂

  49. You may put charging point on the body of the car more than one and anywhere !

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