BMW i3 Recycling

What happens to a BMW i3 at the end of it’s life? It gets recycled.

Steffen Aumann, Head of the BMW Group Recycling and Dismantling Centre, says that they can achieve a recycling rate of 95% of a BMW i3.

First, the pyrotechnics of the vehicle are neutralised. This means that components such as airbags or belt tensioners are set off in the vehicle. Subsequently, the high-voltage battery is removed from the vehicle and supplied to Second Life for re-use. Then, during draining, the vehicle is released of fluids and used parts are disassembled from the vehicle. After that, the vehicle goes into the compactor and then into the shredder.

Shot list:
BMW dismantling and recycling center, the BMW i3 is being delivered for scrapping.
Preparation of the airbag-ignition.
Dismantling a BMW i3 battery.
Removing wheels of BMW i3.
Dismantling door of BMW i3.
CFRP mats.
Reprocessing plant Wackersdorf.
Shredding the dismantled CFRP mats.
Recycled, shredded CFRP.
Reprocessed CFRP runs over coil.
Reprocessing to new CFRP mat.
Production of CFRP mats.

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  1. This video is misleading- they go from removing the door to then showing the re-use of shopped carbon fiber waste. What about the parts that are infused with plastic/resin (most of the car!) how are those recycled?

  2. This must be at a BMW test facility. Those BMWs (and the Mini – owned by BMW) at the beginning of the film must be test vehicles.

  3. For sensitive viewers .No real owner’s car was injured in the making of this film .

  4. Lemons??

  5. trabant

  6. Lovely to see a i3 get destroyed

  7. The ‘recycled’ carbon fiber fabric is from the leftovers before adding the matrix into it. So that part has not really anything to do with the dismantling of an I3.

  8. ????

  9. why did they that ? Instead of sharing with us , i need a BMW ..

  10. Everywhere we drive our i3 people love it !! They especially love that we can drive 100 miles for 1.50. No maintenance. 8 year 100 thousand mile warranty on batteries. Since it does not use brakes, we have no brakes to replace. The only expense is tires. I have noticed that the only people who speak against the i3 are inbred ignorant redneck republicans. Now go have a nice day and stop and spend 50.00 every other day on your big ass ugly trucks with fake balls hanging down from the bumper. 🙂 and the I will " Grab Your Pussy " bumper sticker.

  11. Question is, why is it the end of it’s life? Electrical problems? Battery? A new battery must be cheaper than a new car.

  12. god that car is ugly

  13. WTF what’s wrong with the car is in the first place?

  14. This is capitalism destroy every thing but dont sell it cheaper. So we keep our price high

  15. The fewer BMWs on the road the better.,and nobody will miss the knobheads who drive them..

  16. This is probably a recycle test of a new car (to test the recycle process), when they take the wheels off all the internals are clean, also the bottom of the car is absolutely clean.

  17. We LOVE LOVE LOVE our i3. It is so much fun to drive and the best part is driving past the gas stations. Of course the republicans hate them. LOL

  18. But.. but.. WHY?

  19. Nice. wish there were more of these videos that actually show the end of life life cycle of vehicles. Makes me appreciate cars more.

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