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  1. Typical, why with a new technology is there not a standardised connection on both car and stations, ridiculous…

  2. there on go,,,200 mile range should be minimum battery pack size…..

  3. At 4:52 that were not a "japanese" charging port. It was a normal european 1-phase 230V socket and a 3-phase 400V socket. You could have used the 230V plug without problem. Also you could have used the 400V outlet if you have had a converter with you but still only charged with 16A or 32A 230V (dont know what internal charger the i3 has).

  4. I want this i3
    I’d mostly run on diesel Cuz I’m in NYC

  5. Wow what a frustrating video! No wonder Tesla has it’s own charging system!

  6. 40 MPG is good?!?!?!
    40 from a claimed 500 MPG that’s rubbish

  7. I feel like i’m stating the obvious here but why on Earth didn’t you phone the card provider when it didn’t work the first time? Then when you finally did (presumably) get the card working you decided just to go petrol :/

  8. Should had driven a prius

  9. To recall a similar experience : I drive a LPG car and experience similar issues with relying on Google maps to find on LPG stations, which is inaccurate and annoying. Traveling through Europe I also need to carry extra LPG adapters, because there are multiple ‘standards’. The range on a full tank of LPG is just 400 km at best. Still, LPG is a better alternative to gasoline.

  10. So this is why they chose brexit

  11. Who has time for this shit? Because I don’t!

  12. next time take a horse

  13. something that I don’t understand and annoys me, is that you need to have so many different cards for the different countries, providers ect. .Why cant I just use normal money or a credit card for charging my vehicle?

  14. i think i wait for the electric car, too much issues i see.

  15. We’ve moved on a year later. All these problems should be pretty much solved now.

  16. new tech is not for dumb people

  17. Buy a Tesla free electric charging

  18. 5:49 ‘ that’s probably why my car doesn’t working ‘ that makes no sense m8.

  19. I hope this has improved this year.

  20. The title should be how to fuck up a road trip. This in no way indicates the feasibility of the BMW i3.

  21. The only reason electric seems cheaper in Europe are your stupid sky-high energy taxes. Once you peel those away, GASOLINE is actually CHEAPER.

    For example…

    Electricity costs
    for 1 GGE
    1 GGE = 33.40 kWh
    For Local Rate
    Per kWh $/Gallon
    $0.07 $2.338
    $0.08 $2.670
    $0.09 $3.006
    $0.10 $3.340
    $0.11 $3.674
    $0.12 $4.000
    $0.13 $4.342
    $0.14 $4.670
    $0.15 $5.010
    $0.16 $5.344
    $0.17 $5.678
    $0.18 $6.012
    $0.19 $6.346
    $0.20 $6.680
    $0.25 $8.350
    $0.27 $9.018
    $0.28 $9.352
    $0.29 $9.686
    $0.30 $10.020
    Rates per kWh for residential electricity in the USA range from $0.0728 (Idaho) to $0.166 (Alaska) and $0.2783 (Hawaii).

  22. What pitiful infrastructure mistakes by the auto industry. I’m sticking with the far larger ‘chemical battery’ of a tank full of petroleum distillates, and a range of 450 miles in any weather, running heater, and running full air conditioner. Total cost of ownership is far lower for now than electric-only, hybrid, and small-ending vehicles that don’t compare on capability or comfort. The auto industry has more work ahead to make gas-electric and diesel-electric as standard for passenger cars as it has become for powering rail locomotives and ships. Battery-only is a non-starter due to microscopic energy storage capacity.

  23. what could possibly go wrong? …well,everything!

  24. The last days of old technology are always better than the first days of new technology. That applies across all industries. In this context, the refined petrol cars are much easier to live with than the electric cars that need more development. ( I know electric cars are not new. Apparently New York had a big fleet of all-electric taxis in the 1920s, I am told ).

  25. Troll. Did you check the top outlet at the Toyota Dealership?

  26. Car park in Amsterdam to charge, you pay 5€ per hour for the parking whahaha expensive charge.

  27. I’ve got a novel idea for you : take a medium sized car with a small displacement direct injection petrol engine, fill up the comparatively huge petrol tank, and do the journey without stopping.

  28. I wonder if they could have made the car look any more ugly?

  29. You sould charge your car by the Fastned fastcharching stations in the Netherlands!

  30. I can ‘recharge’ my big, capable, comfortable Suburban to full 450-mile range in just five minutes. Once an ‘electric’ drive train can match that capability, and deliver the same amount of power as 30 gallons of high-octane gas, THEN the tech will be more worthwhile. What get get for now are over-priced electric cars with about the same energy capacity as ONE GALLON of gas. That’s simply IDIOTIC.

  31. This is incredible! I thought service in my country was bad but I guess it is much worse in Europe.

  32. Jesus electric cars are a pain in the backside aren’t they!

  33. that bmw is horrible just horrible.Why cant they just copy Tesla`s designs and put their badge?Or come up with something actually practical?

  34. I, for one sadly purchase an I3 and it gave me so many issues…, I thank the lord I was able to sell it before the warranty expired.

    Dear ALL,
    Please STAY AWAY from this car I wasted time and money. As you guys see in the video, the car gives issues left and right

    Soon I will make a video on why you shouldn’t even think about buying this car, I owe this to BMW for never taken a look of my issues the proper way

  35. Any luck you tried this again in 2016? Especially being recommended under a bmw video.

  36. So every 50 miles you have to charge the car ?

  37. Moral of this video:
    Stick with petrol(or diesel)

  38. Gas and diesel powered vehicles are also the only backup electric and heat generator owned by most families. Give them up, and we are all at the mercy of a fragile electric power grid.

    Hapless electric cars are worse than useless in cold climates where we need the heat generated by combustion engines.

  39. lol america has a better system than Europe?????

  40. Victim of its own success or are we simply not ready to go fully electric yet? I think both are true. When the manufacturers have finally worked out the most expensive way for us to own EVs and the charge point owners have done the same, we’ll all be bored by then and wondering why the futuristic Zoe we bought for over £20,000 a couple of years ago is now worth £3,000 and why don’t we go with a hybrid until the dust settles and we can finally rely on a stable market for what we want and not a vague and unpredictable poorly executed good idea?

  41. honest video. Even with quick charging available everywhere, I found that driving is pretty slow as I need to stop for 20-30 min to charge batteries. Average speed is slow on highway. Yet, electric is good for city.

  42. It’s like a monkey trying to do math

  43. Hope you ain’t dumb enough to believe that any issues in this video is for real.

  44. why would you buy an electric car and have a petrol range extender

  45. Good video. Shame you did not do a noise test at 30, 50 and 70 MpH on battery and on REx on the same road. This would be very useful… Good video anyway 😉

  46. its called a hybrid not a range extender a electric moter and petrol engine = HYBRID !!!!!

  47. How do people who live in blocks charge their EV? They leave for work an hour earlier so they can drive to a charging point, hoping it’s free and working? Each town needs a charging park with thousands of working charge points to serve the tens of thousands of EVs. If every NCP was given over to EV charging, they’d all still be full and too expensive to make sense. Hybrid is the most valid solution until the technology is finally given to us and not drip-fed for profit.

  48. 40mpg on petrol alone… that isnt very good really. i managed to do 64mpg with my Peugeot 308 1.6 hdi…. the technology still isnt there

  49. These little EV’s are not for long journeys on the continent or in the UK !!!!!! Not until the CCS network is established.

  50. if you wanted to operate this vehicle without the range extender, you’d be stopping roughly every hour for a relatively lengthy charge. While that might be tolerable for short trips, it sounds like a royal pain on longer road trips. 40 mpg when using the range extender is not particularly impressive, when a Prius hybrid can do 70 mpg. True, it uses petrol (unless operated in EV mode), its a more practical way to reduce CO2 emissions without the necessity of frequent charging stops. I don’t care what anti-Prius folks care to say, it is still a great alternative to pure EV vehicles.

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