BMW i8 v Porsche 911 Carrera S | evo DRAG BATTLE

The high-tech futuristic hybrid BMW i8 goes up against the more traditional Porsche 911 Carrera S. Which will win?


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  1. so basically the i8 looks good good performance but its slow as fuuuuuuuuuuck

  2. Not fair. The BMW should have raced cars having power close to its own ie 357 bhp. As some people said a Cayman is the closest competitor in terms of power. As for price……you dont pay that much money for racecar performance. You pay that much money for its sophistication. It can go 48 kilometres on a litre of petrol with both petrol and electric motors working. BMW wanted to get an eco friendly hybrid car. Incidentally they also got a good sportscar.


  4. God I love Porsche

  5. The i8 is garbage

  6. I love Porsche! There is really no substitute for a Porsche. <3

  7. O carro mais fixe é o bmw i8

  8. put the i8 up against a john deere tractor and see how it does. Couldnt even beat an entry level 911 and it costs over 30 grand more #longliveporsche

  9. imagine turbo s against i8

  10. The r8 would kill the i8 BMW should just stick to their saloons 😂

  11. Impressive effort from the i8

  12. One of our porches is faster than all yalls crap

  13. Why would you buy an i8,for that money you could buy a proper car.

  14. been dreaming of owning a 911 since a little kid. My mom would tell my stories of the one she drove back in the day that belonged to her boyfriend. Not a fan at all of the new turbocharged 911s with the BBQ grill on the back though but the one is this video is absolutely beautiful

  15. What’s up with that brokendown airplane in the back?? I want a broken down airplane…

  16. nice touch with the butterfly

  17. My Bicycle with 50cc motor would destroy both the Porsha and i8

  18. 0:33 the rear end of the i8 is actually a 911 end. its like the i8 ate an 911

  19. There was a bug on the car

  20. P85DL would destroy both

  21. Lol, I’m a bad guy. I just deleted my top comment on this video with 89 upvotes, 44 replies and discussion still going strong.

  22. I don’t think anybody was remotely surprised at the result.

  23. race starts at 1;11

  24. I dont understand. BMW claim the I8 gets from 0-60 in 3.6 seconds.

  25. BMW Wins on looks easily

  26. i think that the name 911 is a very bad number for a sports car

  27. If the Porsche had lost to that piece of shit then the Porsche brand should’ve just left the industry

  28. A plane in the grass wo

  29. I8 does 20 miles all electric with 130BHP.  Reviews fail to state this.  As a hybrid its actually pretty naff.  The Chevrolet Volt can drive 45 miles on all electric and use all its power during this time 150BHP and when the engine kicks in it just recharges the battery as you drive using the electric motor exactly the same.  The i8 cannot do this.  The i8 is also slower than the Tesla roadster all electric thats capable of 240 miles per charge and has a 12.3s qtr mile and 3.7 0-60 time.  Lets see that race.

  30. i8 so shit

  31. anyone else notice how theres a destroyed plane in the forest at 2:30

  32. too bad people only 30 miles per hour are allowed on roads

  33. 2:30 crashed plane wtf

  34. I would take the i8 home

  35. Damn, i wasn’t expecting the 911 to beat the i8 by THAT much
    surely the i8 should have launched better being 4wd and having more torque available….a lot of which is there instantly…

  36. Porsche is best!

  37. How much HP has the i8?

  38. I8 is an beast electric beast

  39. The i8 is limited in speed, remove the part that limits that thing goes nearly 300

  40. rekt

  41. give me an i8 each hour of any damn day!

  42. you sound like jude law


  44. Damn that put bmw back into its place but I would all ways have the i8 what a stunning car to look at🏎🏎

  45. Yawn. BMW have lost their way completely. Although to their credit, this one looks different from the 1/2/3/4/5/6/7…sorry I nodded off again. BMW is the new Audi. Yawn.

  46. Audi RS6 is faster than both and it’s an estate.

  47. Oh crap that’s a humiliating beaten, but nice try electricity

  48. lol i’ll take the porche anyday.. lol bmw is a lower classs….. pos…

  49. BMW fanboys….wow! a whole 23 miles before it starts burning any fuel?!…and that’s the rebuttle for a $150,000 "supercar" only running 13’s in the 1/4 mile?! LMAO! It DOES NOT give the 911 any trouble below 100mph! The BMW has a harder launch and the porsche muscles pass it almost immediately after the launch! Beemer was gaining nothing but rock chips the entire race! LOL

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