BMW i8 vs Porsche 911 Targa | TELEGRAPH CARS

It’s evolution versus revolution as the new Porsche 911 Targa takes on the new BMW i8 hybrid sports car. But is one better than the other? Rebecca Jackson and Chris Knapman decide.

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  1. Rebecca! I’ve found you. I shall subscribe!

  2. Wait a second. Rebecca Jackson left car buyers to join the telegraph cars? lmao…

  3. came here for the i8

  4. none of the above.
    my hard earned would go on an air-cooled targa and an e30 m3 

  5. Rebecca wins hands down!!!

  6. fire HIM for wearing these dreary jeans. 

  7. *carbuyers is over for me I WAS LOOKING FOR REBECCA’S REVİEWS greetings from turkey with love*

  8. You get a lot more attention if you are in the i8. This car looks like something special from the future. It’s BMW adaptive laser headlight is awesome too.

  9. Rrrrrrrrrebecca!

  10. The i8 is a horrible car! I’m lying to stop people wanting one in the hopes I’ll win the lottery and have one by Sunday

  11. I’d have any model of 911 but the Targa I don’t like that one, but I’d have the i8

  12. Subscribed

  13. Everything with an electric motor..too expensive and er sold out anyways…
    bit pointless this eh.. and exhaust through the speakers… so how am i going to here my beejees tunes.. and  can we have Ginny from that other channel

  14. I mean Chris does need to improve on his super repetitive gestures. Very, very stiff, and a bit unnatural about his conversations. He is structured, no doubts, but a little too much perhaps for a car review?

  15. Shit review

  16. I think Rebecca is a bit speechless about the i8 because of how much she is loving that torque! 

  17. Nicely done

  18. You have to imprve your mic, btw, nice seeing you again rebecca

  19. Great review. 

  20. Lol the BMW I8 is the same car from CarBuyer 😀

  21. I would put my money on the Porsche! Great review, cool video! 😊

  22. Sorry Miss jackson. oohh, I am for real.

  23. Just love the Porsche. I would have one any day! Great review, thanks.

  24. I think it is more correct to say that the Porsche 911 (991) SERIES  is the first Porsche to have electric steering not "electronic steering" as Rebecca stated because  I believe it’s just a standard steering rack without a hydraulic belt driven pump to operate it not something completely electronic in operation! 

  25. The i8 has 130hp electric drive (not 20hp as stated at 3:28) and 220HP from the Engine. The Electric motor doesn’t just fill in the gaps it can drive upto 120kmh on its own for 35km.. In full power mode the Electric drive smooths the gaps and tops up the engine power.
    The 130 mpg is perfectly reasonable as long as you do up to 30 miles per day (ie commuting). a Journalists Test drive day can be more than 300miles and doesn’t represent typical daily usage. A 300 mile drive would return much lower mpg (like the 60 stated)

  26. Why does rebbeca leave carbuyer which have 200 000 sub and join this channel?

  27. What is going on with bmw?… Exhaust sound through the speakers with bycicle tyres?! With wider tyres resulting a bit less mpg, will sell out till 2017 ;p

  28. Great review! You make a great double! I like both. Would depend of the money and the feeling after drive both for make my decison.

  29. 20hp starter motor? really? dumbass

  30. BMW i8 wins it for the looks.
    Should be red in my book tough

  31. Definitely better than carbuyer . You got more focus on cars rather than cubby holes, bananas and fun a faces…good.

  32. The 911 looks good but it’s the same thing as always. The I8 looks like a car from a Hollywood movie, or like a concept car that will never be produced. And i like that about it. You have to give props to BMW for that. 

  33. So…who’s the victor?

  34. This is boring. I can’t believe Rebecca left CarBuyer and Matt for this production. It’s not as well done and her host puts me to sleep. 

  35. Now leave these winter cold boring countries and come to Greece to wear a proper car-review outfit 🙂

  36. 911 all day long.

  37. You guys got something wrong , the porsche isnt the i8 competitor , furthermore its a futuristic and path leading technology which is green and powerful . The porsche on the other hand is a old tech car from the last century …. Also no one cares about somone driving a porsche nowadays, its nothing special anymore … but the i8 is a extravagant car 4 sure .

  38. The Porsche looks way more sexy, shame the press cars are always in the worst possible colours.

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