BMW i8 vs. Tesla Model S | Consumer Reports

The BMW i8 is a sleek and sexy hybrid. The Tesla Model S is an all-electric powerhouse. What happens when these two titans are matched head-to-head? Check out http://www.ConsumerReports.org for additional reviews, tips, and recommendations.
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  1. bro are u comparing oil engine vs tesla? not fair for bmw cos tesla now is the future car…

  2. It really is a i8 review – 4.4s to get to 100km/h or 62mph, Tesla does it in a lot less – 2.5s now. Tesla also has 4 doors and the back seats aren’t blocked by a seat belts running to the front seats.

  3. Tesla S Model compared to BMW Series 7 and Mercedes S Class?

  4. This video was just about the BMW i8…

  5. be shame dont confront hybrid with full ellectric

  6. So let me get this straight BMW wanted to make a cleaner car and make use of electric motors, so they decide to fit in a small ass battery that cant even last a shopping trip before the gasoline engine has to kick in? quite honestly this car looks great but its a waste of time and pathetic at what it set out to do.Atleast tesla cars can be virutally run for free as they introduce more superchargers.

  7. i8 vs porsche 918 vs nsx

  8. Shame there was no drag race to see just how super the I8 is against the Tesla. Lol I’m still waiting for someone in the I8 forum to take me up on my offer to drag race my Tesla roadster. I guess they are scared of loosing lol. I8 is a pretender electric car and really just an emission cheating petrol car. Very pretty for sure but not an electric car and certainly not a supercar.

  9. Its a stupid car, either pair a diesel with hybrid and put out 80 mpg with 400 vHP and 600FTLB torq or go full electric, this segment can only compete with tesla if it goes full electric. The Tesla has one gear front and rear trunk and it will park itself. The I8 should be re branded the 8 series and produced as all electric with 700+ hp and 800+ lp ft torque and 0-60 in less than 3 s if it wants to compete with Tesla.

  10. Fugly

  11. How much did BMW pay to this guy?

  12. Two of my friends have just bought the I8 and another has bought the Tesla. After several months of debate the I8 has won me over and I’ve just got rid of my M6 to own one. What a fantastic car, I’d make it my daily drive if I was brave enough

  13. I8’s air vent is a little bit weird…

  14. If I am not mistaken, the I8 was (in Europe) also available without petrol engine? Not sure though. That would have been a better comparison with Tesla. I would like both cars but my bank thinks otherwise…. 🙁

  15. comment section = germany vs. usa.
    90% of the comments are useless,just hating around.

  16. I love both cars!

  17. Electric cars rock!!! You won’t know until you try one. An electric race car puts awesome performance within reach of the average guy. Check my channel full charge motorsport

  18. This video is waste. It’s all about BMW i8

  19. i would pick the tesla to work ,, and the bmw to the club ,, and no one would disagree with me

  20. This BMW i8 should be named as i3.5 if that. It’s a joke next to a Tesla.
    Hey at least they tried. It’s eye catching for sure but remember it’s a catch$$$.

  21. these are definitely not cars of the future as it’s left behind a big, expensive, heavy and toxic waste every 10 years during it’s life time. Guest What? You’ve got it! the huge and heavy battery pack. They going to be everywhere such as: land fill, your homes and back yards, rivers, and ocean. just like the phone’s batteries just only a thousand times bigger and heavier. This is not a so call green solution. Electric cars going to be man kind biggest environmental disaster for our future generations.

  22. Question is what should I carry? Battery, motor , energy and energy and energy converter which one is simple? Obviously one energy storage and that is battery. And one kind of energy that is electric.

  23. They made a video about it and in the first few seconds confessed they cant not compare these two? XD

  24. Yep, Now let’s talk about the tesla 500bhp, 2.6 seconds 0-60. Luxury car sports car, drag car, grocery shopping car, autopilot car.

  25. This was just lame. I wanted to see comparison between the Tesla and the BMW. Must be a spokesman for BMW.

  26. You’re comparing a family EV sedan with a sport BMW. What a worst review I have ever seen. I’ll take tesla over BMW anytime. Also, barely seeing any i8 in the street at all…this bmw will cost an arm and leg for driving one LMAO. What a ridiculous review. I can get 3x Tesla Model 3 for 140k then rotate my daily driving with all them HAHAHAHA. BMW i8 140k = a dumb fuck buyer.

  27. Tesla is the best

  28. What "vs" means in this contest?

  29. WTF!!! u didnt say anything much about Tesla !!! go Green bro !

  30. go on a tour with both

  31. Eh ill beat them both is 300zx

  32. I will go for the Tesla…

  33. lol 2:35 an electric hybid car that makes engine noises so that your 3 cylinder engine doesn’t sound like a lawn mower.

  34. Tesla is better, that i8 is not even 100% electric powered, get BMW to make an all-electric vehicle and then compare it.

  35. BMW i8 MSRP: From $140,700.
    TESLA MODEL S MSRP: From $68,000.

  36. tesla sucks

  37. Great Tesla coverage…very in depth.

  38. Hybrids are junk cars they stinks out gasoline….

  39. most of people are missing the point of this video ,,its not really a comparison
    its a glance on the future of automotive mobility , its the way of seeing electric automobiles shaping the all aspects of personal preferences of a Car
    Glamorous Masculinity to Aesthetic practicality
    the only thing i will be missing , is the cheer force and sound of Fuel Engines , other than that , all aspects shall be fullfilled ,specially with all new incoming Innovation in Batteries Development

  40. BMW shill.

  41. Sounds like he did not believe in the script he was reciting/reading either.

  42. >paid actor

  43. It isn’t stupid to compare these cars. Most people looking to spend 140k on a modern sporty electric car really aren’t making the distinction between one being a "sport car" rather than a sedan. They have the money, and want a cool new electric, and the Tesla will win out every time. Even though the i8 is cool looking, the practicality and everyday capability of the Tesla put it on top.

  44. "..it also have a 11 horsepower electric motor.."
    "..it has synthesized sound of the engine…"

    nuff said…

  45. Why spend $140k on a car when you can spend $100k on an all around better car?

  46. comparing these 2 cars is kinda stupid.. and yet, here you are

  47. ธนวัตน์ ยิ่งเจริญศาสตร์

    I like Tessa more than BMW

  48. Garbage vs i8

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