BMW iDrive Hidden Secret Menu howto:

The iDrive system in many BMW cars has a hidden back end that can be access through the navi wheel. there is a lot of information in here, most of which i dont actually understand but i’ll be showing you how to access it anyway.
This should work with all iDrive systems from around 2003 upwards.

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  1. I can say for sure, give it a try. 🙂

  2. It’s like unlocking a safe

  3. how do you get ride of a ccc unit in a bmw 530d 2006 Harman becker unit and up date for a better radio HELP sat nav and radio up the crapper idrves pants don’t work

  4. up up, down down, left right left right, a bb a.

  5. haha, It is indeed.

  6. Hi is it works on e60 520d?more info please?

  7. can u turn off the annoying dong sound from this menu?

  8. How do you make the gps navigation or TV work though

  9. Not that I am aware of mate.

  10. hello buddy, i got a question if you can help me, my idrive does not have other languages except english, how can I install German language into it, because i need it? do you have any clue about this?

  11. what is the usefulness of this

  12. And????

  13. useless

  14. And the point of this is?

  15. lol, it does a bit huh.

  16. WILL THIS WORK FOR 328XI 2011 E90

  17. Yeah check my channel. I have some vids in there of 3/5 series cluster diagnostics, how to reset service lights etc etc. 🙂

  18. Put in a larger hd screen.

  19. whats the benefit of this bro? anything specific i will gain extra that is of use that will make me say wow! top of your head?

  20. Just tried again copying exactly what you do in the video perfectly timed and it doesn’t work

  21. Well that is the most useless information I have come across

  22. Not working on a 2007 330D convertible, Professional

  23. Glad to help, and thanks for the feedback mate. 🙂

  24. You can use it on anything ya like mate. I have it on all my cars. search on here for carbon wrapping and you’ll find loads of good videos. 🙂

  25. what is the usefulness of this

  26. Did you find the hidden menu in the instrument cluster? It’s easy though. But again thanks for the vid and you interior rocks!!!

  27. usually if it’s too good to be true… its not true.

  28. Ok it worked I just held the dial down longer

  29. +livefastandforever, That would be pretty cool, huh. 

  30. Did you make a video on how to get to it from the cluster?

  31. I got in ok but hadn’t a clue what everything was for so I made my excuses and left !!!

  32. Explanation short & sharp, easy to understand. Double thumbs up to you.. Thanks

  33. 2005 535d M Sport, Just tried it 4 times, doesn’t work

  34. what is the usefulness of this

  35. My idrive doesn’t click when twisting left or right, is that because of the model? My model is a BMW e60 2006

  36. Be sure to read idrive review on my blog before you buy. Please go to *matthewreviews. com/idrive-review/* Thanks, Erny.

  37. Even I don’t understand all of the stuff in there, but I found it handy for finding my iDrive software version so I could tell if there were any updates i needed.

  38. Excuse me but I can’t understand the benefit of this. I have the 530i facelift… My question is that if you are doing this progress, you will add in your more apps like Gps… PLEASE TELL ME SOON…THANKS IN ADVANCE

  39. This would have help me in not buying a stolen e93 🙁 for 10k

  40. Does the car have to be on to do this? I have 2011 328 and it’s not working on my nav.

  41. this isnt hidden,if you can use a PCyou can work out simple IDrive a Idrive should be easier,stop listening to clarkson ,have you ever used it,couldnt be simpler

  42. lol how unnecessary is this!?

  43. I did this just for the hell of it. It felt like I was breaking into a safe.

  44. Thanks mate. 🙂 Yeah I think I did a video on how to look into the cluster menu too. Its a pretty useful menu where you can reset service intervals and the likes. 🙂

  45. Yea crazy they change vin numbers pretty well h.p.i came back clear but hidden menu had real details stored

  46. 8 seconds wasn’t working, I had to do 10 🙂 Thanks for this though, I helped my neighbour with it! 😀

  47. Ouch! sorry to hear it.

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