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  1. Let’s make 3D porn. Now that’s cool! lol.

  2. Epic.

  3. singapore! very creative people!

  4. Joy equals work? Major brainwashing, but that’s what you guys were paid to do. Keep those brains washed. We must keep the workers working for the corporations. Munch on big brother.

  5. @whotookmybong you dont believe you can find joy in work?

  6. That is BTL!!! I love advertising! FTW!!!

  7. @Flamines
    Sounds Like a remix of the song for the Mortal Kombat Movie

  8. It’s not interactive and not 3D (it’s CGI but not stereoscopic). Nice video mapping though

  9. Had to be Singapore!

  10. Hhah.. SG oso gt!!! more!!~

  11. Well let’s look again at the video, cause I really think some of you missed out the point here. Let’s look again at the people who were watching the projection live. What’s their expression? Use one word: happy? Excited? I’ll spell it out for you: JOY! You can see it on their faces! Some of you, who believe they’re so much smarter than the average person, are trying to hard to find "the hidden message", when JOY is so simple: this projection put a SMILE on many faces. And that’s the point!

  12. Thumbs up if you came here from Autoblog.

  13. @Cali4nium Publicis singapore ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Advertisement is the art. I’d love to see more of Masterpieces of this kind of Art too.
    Look at this people, they all smiled and very enjoyde of watching this amazing ad ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. stupendous!

  16. i think it depends on the objective of the campaign, do they wanna increase the sale or just a branding activity, who knows? So we can not judge the campaign if we are not in the shoes of them.

  17. Going to my Canal nidsfisadfiusadfuids

  18. @MrTabuzo12 thats what she said

  19. @StopLookGerz Really? Then I’d love to know how it works. All the autostereoscopic display techniques (3D without glasses) I know of wouldn’t work on a building like that. Anyone know how it’s done?

    -IMP ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚


  21. It is interactive…see the related clip BMW Joy 3D – SMS Interactive Billboard.

  22. Joy is a car? Where have we come in our society? This is just a stupid commercial for a car company that happens to be broadcast on a building. Ridiculous.

  23. Oh , put you’re cameras away,

  24. It IS fantastic! But what’s ‘interactive’ in it? That people are watching it? ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. amazing

  26. wow left me breathless whats the music that they use and how can i get it ?

  27. @Mirwen72 the city is the color

  28. any1 know name of the song ???? PLZ ANSWER .p

  29. it might be "interactive" in that far away, there are people who are actually controlling what goes on on the screen. It’s just that from our camera perspective, we don’t see those people doing it.

  30. nice one…

    but where is the interactive part?

    perhaps becos i’m viewing it on screen, i dun see the 3D effect?

  31. Hhah.. SG oso gt!!!

  32. well that was dissaponting :/ When I hear "joy" I imagine colors! Where are those?

  33. why i never saw this or know this.
    (i live in singapore)

  34. 3D? That’s not true 3D. It’s more like Photshop’s Drop Shadow effect.

    -IMP ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. 20 Audi fans dislike it =)

  36. :-[

  37. It’s amazing what technology has brought us today.

  38. 3d coz it was projected on buildings?

  39. lolz a BMW commercial is the first interactive 3D building protection in ASIA? WTF?

  40. @ahamster2012 Considering the fact that the cost of Adverts in Singapore is very huge, this feature is really an amazing feat. =)

  41. @lorik807 Totally agree. It is disgusting how far the consumerism has envaded us and how blind we are to see that.

  42. hi

    there once was a second video of this projection with music by digitalism. anybody got the link to the video?

  43. Perfeito!!! Genial!!! Chega a arrepiar!!!

  44. fantastic

  45. If BMW is JOY, then Mercedes-Benz is LOVE

  46. done

  47. @thecorruptedmind Not in someones elses work, only in mine. I enjoy the freedom more.

  48. – bmw m6 ั„ะพั‚ะพ

  49. does anyone know the supplier? I am looking for someone to do 3D mapping in Phnom Penh Cambodia. Please message me. Thanks.

  50. Capitalist propaganda masked as innovation in technology at it’s best. Take me to the Taiwan skyscraper fireworks—that’s far more entertaining.

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