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  1. What the fuck is he talking about? BMW chose this incoherent retard to explain laser headlamps?

  2. Lol why are these necessary?

  3. terrible video….didn’t tell us what youre trying to accomplish, can’t understand what was being said, can’t see the differences between anything, couldn’t tell what the hell was going on and the cameraman can’t use a video camera…..all I saw was an acrylic box and some lights…..stop making videos. just stop

  4. @paintballgundown8 10 years from now lots of things be more different

  5. How much to replace one if these? An arm. Ok let me just burn it off with the other working headlight

  6. I’m pretty sure that demonstration fails most of laser safety standards. That thing can burn a retina instantly if a reflective object is accidentally put in front. After it’s diffused it’s perfectly safe but that guy has access directly to the laser beam.. even shows burning objects. 

  7. Worst video ever.

  8. My potato records video better


  10. whats the power of the laser? and where can i buy one?

  11. I drive a new Audi every 3 years. You can’t afford anything with the latest technology so go back in your OLD 1993 3 series piece of trash with retrofitted angel eyes and blue tinted halogens, LOL.

  12. Focusing focusing focusing!

  13. good luck changing your own light on this 1

  14. I’m fine with my h4s…

  15. This was a very amateur video and makes me question the quality of the "laser" headlight being as they couldn’t even make a decent video about it.

  16. To think technology is already this far…

  17. красота!

  18. Quick googling suggests that this laser gimmick is no more than 30lm/W efficient whereas Cree white LEDs can be 160lm/W efficient.
    It’s complete marketing BS, courtesy of BMW douches.

  19. this is so stupid…just a marketing stunt. Look at how much room is needed to accommodate the headlight assembly. LED uses a fraction of the space. That’s why you see LED backlit displays and not laser backlit displays. LED headlights are here and are the true future of lighting. I love my Audi’s led headlights, btw:)

  20. awesome!!

  21. HIGH technology filmed with a fuckin toaster. SERIOUSLY?

  22. Sucks these were not allowed in the US

  23. Too weak light intensity;

  24. I remember when color television was being introduced to the public there was a rumour circulating that watching a color a television set would cause blindness. Laser headlamps like compact fluorescent and led lighting are just examples of evolving technology. This new lighting technology can have uses other than automotive illumination. 

  25. Non si capisce nulla!..

  26. Filmed with a potato

  27. This is all nice, and sounds cool.  However if you do the basic science, the phosphor never can emit as intense light as a HID or plain Halogen based system.  This is only good for day time running lights, or those Angel eyes that BMW is known for and not night time street lighting.  Laser Diodes have 300-1000 hours of life.  And knowing BMW they will change possibly 5K for replacement.  No Thank you.  I’ll stick with LEDs or HIDs

  28. Horrifyingly bad video, but still better than the lame BMW video (that has no actual details.)

  29. nice sir

  30. Amazing Stuff and very impressive! 

  31. Horrible video and audio recording…..but sounds quite self-explanatory.

  32. i totally agree

  33. Are these for blowing up the Audi’s who won’t move over for the superior BMW?


  34. fuck oncoming traffic!

  35. Audi fanboy = faggot

  36. I want my lasers to melt the car in front of me 🙂 Love bmw technology hehhe. 

  37. Crap. HID shit all over these stupid things

  38. Take your audi lights and live with it…. this is just a mere concept generation of what bmw researchers are capable of coming up with … unlike audi ..copy copy copy …. and truth be told … the laser setup is pretty mubrighter compared ordinary xenon kits

  39. Needs more phosphorous

  40. BMW is one company among only a very few, exclusive others, who, all of which have come to define a business model – spend lots of money creating products that will require unfathomably expensive maintenance, repairs, and replacements available from only themselves. Masters of creating guaranteed compounding returns. Even crazier is that we know it and continue to perpetuate it. And now we’ve begun encouraging BMW to partner with the other sirens, like Apple, to give us convenience and momentary happiness in exchange for sovereign global control. We are the disease this Earth is plagued by. And in spite of everything I’ve already said, I still love my E36.

    I cannot wait for the first Youtube DIY to surface on "How to upgrade your i8 headlights to Class IV infrared beams." BMW might be guilty of just creating the ultimate weapon against speed traps – turn on your invisible 3W laser headlights and you’ll be able to permanently blind an officer in broad daylight! All for less than $2,000 in materials. The i8 will come to define sports cars for the next tens years; plastic body panels injected with a specially formulated carbon-fiber resin? Shit the bed bro!

  41. How many lumens/watt versus LED? 

  42. I want BMW’s with freakin lasers attached to their freakin heads!

  43. Wow, what a shit camera.

  44. Что то плохо они на дорогу светят….

  45. can someone please tell me why on earth they always seem to get people that have the most heaviest freaking accents to explain shit? What is wrong with getting someone who uses English as their primary language as well as someone who was does NOT come from fucking INDIA ???? Jesus Christ you would think that those who put this shit together have had to call a one of those fucking help lines before and had to try to deal with these people before in their life!

  46. Those headlamps are going to be very expensive. Working in a body shop we already deal with some very expensive headlamps. Mostly LED and HID lamps. This is on a totally different level. I would hate to drop one.

  47. Твоюж мать ко так видео снимает

  48. Audi got it first haters

  49. Horrible video and audio – must never had done this before.

  50. First of all, LED headlights could be much smaller than that and the amount of light that it seemed to put out was very small. Not only a very narrow cone but a very small total amount. This looks like a complete douche bag gimmick.

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