BMW M 536 Turbo. 700+hp! Best Quality


Find more info about the car!

1 million.
Thanks alot, I have to say its not my car. Get into this homepage to find more about the car!

A BMW M 536 Turbo, over 700 HP! Great quality

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  1. Krzychu! kadetem tera!

  2. Putain elle fait un sacré bruit !

  3. Spark plug wireS and a distributor, that doesnt belong to BMW. And the engine either. It is a kind hard job to do!

  4. song 3.03??

  5. Denne videoen inneholdt et opphavsrettsbeskyttet lydspor. Som følge av krav fra opphavsrettinnehaveren har lydsporet blitt permanent slått av. E d mulig???

  6. fastest bmw 5 great job

  7. Driving through Sweden on the highway i see drift skidmarks all over the place lol. Crazy swedish rednecks.

  8. dam si ga pel pizda ti matrna!!!!!

  9. what is the song in the first ??

  10. 3000nm torque? How is that fuckin possible?

  11. i seen it hit 2900 torque……. thats fucking insane

  12. god what oil can lubricate this engine…

  13. Aw man! YouTube removed the audio because of copyright issues!! 🙁

  14. Dat blowoff nozzle.

  15. bmw monster

  16. pewnie w gazie

  17. Sounds like Supra,nice sound but somehow doesn’t fit to BMW.

  18. nvn mind watched it again and seen a 3100

  19. reduce torque pleace

  20. no sound ?? 🙁

  21. how many tires per mile? great video btw!

  22. You have money you have everything 😀 Awesome E34 😉

  23. Love the dyno Torque warning near the end!!! Classic!

  24. fix audio please :/

  25. så gick att göra med min 325,e30  helt original .. hehe  

  26. Kunde nästan gissa det var sverige haah


  28. please fix the audio !!!! 

  29. wtf is with all taht torque ? ? ? 

  30. Giorgi..

  31. bmw opel and moskvich the best cars ever

  32. Nice proof that the car can look like stock even with those modifications. No fucking spoiler, colors, weird lights or locomotive. Just a fucking strong car.

  33. I favourited this video years ago.  Worst news I ever heard.  Is that the audio track on this video has been removed. Can you believe that?  Tuners worldwide have honestly been damaged by not being able to hear this anymore.  Totally blows.

  34. pigeon mod

  35. The S38 engine is big an burly as F! And then giving it boost… oh my.

  36. Please add the audio back. One of the best sounding audio ever

  37. beautiful engine. a work of art and nice power output 🙂

  38. Hi what is the song that was at 3:04 PLEASE THANKS 

  39. BMW best Cars!

  40. bmw #1

  41. SWEDEN!!! XDD

  42. jodidos suecos

  43. What motor is that ?

  44. Hello . . Can someone tell me what band is singing, starting the video ??

  45. My dream is E34 🙂 (Y)

  46. Music 3:04 … The Rasmus – First Day Of My Life

  47. wow!

  48. 2:23 – love the charger sound. but what does 536 stand for ? thats a e39 isnt it

  49. Impressive, but why the upgrade from the m30b35 ? I’m sure it would have done just as fine. I own a 89 535i and I love the m30b35.

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