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  1. E39 M5 best bmw ever made, these new ones drive like playing a damn video game

  2. BMW propaganda

  3. 5:17 is the S42 4 cylinder from the Touring E36


  5. still think the new m3 should have been the coupe instead of the m4 and they could do with making a lighter version too

  6. Soooo… all that testing and no one noticed that there’s a serious issue in the form of Rod bearing problems.

  7. I love the m cars. I own a 2007 e60 bmw m5 v 10 and this car is a monster………

  8. I made up my mind I am  buying a M3 after watching this Video. Informative commercial aka Documentary

  9. BMW leads, others copy

  10. nothing about M8 its a shame

  11. From 2018 ,M cars going to be all wheel drive,which I don’t like it

  12. Who disliked this video? This a legendary film on engineering perfection!

  13. …at 14:22…
    …gasoline flowing through their veins….farting flames whenever they can…

  14. "No Turn Signals: The story of BMW’s M division"

  15. I wanna see that M3 ute or pick up they made as a one off for a April fools joke at the M workshop. Interesting doco about M production. Please in the future don’t make cars like German electrical appliances for example Audi & VW. I love BMW’s motto: The Ultimate Driving Machine!!!!

  16. Interesting – a shame they didn’t include the other "M" models, especially the Z4M Roadster and coupe.

  17. Came here for a documentary, not some bla bla bla M is great, very bad.

  18. You twats should start this shit wannabe documentary with some history…like how bmw employed (stole) an entire engineer team from ford after they raped dat bmw arse for years…and that way BMW Motorsport was created. This so called documentary should start with an Ford badge! The rest is plain boring shit…

  19. A magical company! Bmw m for life!!

  20. Bring back the V10 ///M

  21. I find it funny that Cadillacs V division is trying to compete with a pedigree like the M division. They’ve got a few more decades to go till they can compete with these boys!

  22. i have a 06 e90 i like it in all but every time i see that m3 i get a stiffy

  23. great great video!

  24. this video needs more views. Great video. thank you.

  25. I am selling my E60 M5 with 59,xxx miles on it currently. Message if interested.

  26. excellent enrichment about BMW M Car. I have a question there are Pure M car like M3, M5 , M6 etc also there are normal BMW with M sport variant. Does M sport variant similar to M Series though cost wise M series much higher.

  27. AMG > M

  28. It would be nice if they saved weight, increased performance and designed it to be SERVICED. It takes a team of engineers to work on these cars as well as it did a team of them to build and design them. They are truly exceptional cars, but you must have the means and the know how to repair them. I have seen mechanics with many years experience put valve cover gaskets on these that immediately leak. A conundrum wrapped inside a riddle tied with a snake

  29. AMG>Mpower

  30. the m3 and m4 is just the same… exactly the same even the powr in KW or HP… only that the m3 comes in a 5 dour version and the m4 comes in a 2 dour… only for two peopl.
    The m4 is the sportier version of the m3. both very similiar in terms of looks… the only difference is the way they look and the history

  31. This video is great and it shows what BMW USE to be. Now they’re the new aged Ford. Producing a new car every few months like candy. Dropping pricing and turning into a economy car company.
    It makes me sick when they said "We only have car enthusiasts working here" biggest load of crap I’ve ever listened to. If you had nothing but enthusiasts working there. Then you’d pay more attention to the actual chatter of what M owners actually say. Like how much M has degraded over the years.

  32. M means excellent driving and fun

  33. before i die i will and must own an M car hopefully the E36 love it

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