BMW M Initiation

The first-ever BMW M4 has arrived. But why just announce it when you can “initiate” it? With the help of 37 BMW enthusiasts, we welcomed the M4 to the family in a thrilling, one-of-a-kind experience. This is M Initiation. #MRated

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  1. brutality

  2. I am a little offended not seeing one M Coupe in the Mix.

    How could you leave out one of BMW’s best track cars?

  3. lets see audi boys try this

  4. B//MW ♥

  5. Forever BMW 💥

  6. 43zbhwtr qevr34zuerwhrbesb estwqnhwfbfzwqcdsnawh wrqbquqnfh htnazr4mbvz

  7. So no Z4Ms eh? I guess you didn’t want to remind people what real ///M cars used to be like. ;D

  8. كﻷجث بحثم ينىي ينس يىي

  9. bu hareketler ne ya. Ver Türk’e bak napıyo 😀

  10. WOW 2000+ BMWs are sooooooo UGLY!

  11. A superfluous endeavor, undertaken by the steady, precise dexterity of an expertly composed drifting specialist, via the metallic representation of loyal Bavarian motor enthusiasts.

  12. Unfortunately still can’t rival the AMG or RS, R variants of their rivals… =(

    Then the R8 V10 Plus pulls up… *REVVVS*

  13. BMW M5 E60 ?

  14. Cool!!!

  15. No bmw was harmed in making of this video LOLLL

  16. So good ._. <3

  17. I’m sweating now

  18. BMW so fast car

  19. Awesome cars


  21. I still get chills from this

  22. What did you do with the bimmer afterward?  I don’t want that.

  23. Come check out the boys that are in charge of all the tires at the Performance Center. #Antand Stevens Garage. Find us on YouTube and please like and subscribe! Thanks so much!

  24. Superior love my bimmer

  25. Was Traction Control on or off but I pretty sure it was off?

  26. Newer BMW cars and Mercedes AMG looks similar

  27. The love story

  28. ex 5

  29. BMW – Best Cars In The World

  30. forgot the best one v10 e60 m5

  31. Awesome Pro driver !!!!

  32. nice

  33. j’aime les BMW

  34. forsberg is the man

  35. Awesome

  36. Keşke benim olssaa

  37. BMW club Lebanon

  38. 0:27 do not try at home, dang, I was going to find my 30 bmw m5 cars

  39. Yass!! ///M

  40. bmw is the best car ever!!!

  41. Nice

  42. 0:28 "Professional driver. Don’t even think about it"
    Ok then 🙁

  43. Кен Блок. driver)

  44. 👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👍😭😲

  45. BMW: Best Made Whip

  46. I drive a ‘poor mans BMW’, mainly my VW GTI! "One day soon", I keep falsely telling myself…

  47. thank god no BMW’s were harmed, to me they are worth more than all the eviromentalists

  48. Damn show off. 🙂

  49. いつまで効果音とスローモーション使うんでしょうか?車が好きな人はBMWには居ないんですか?

  50. When you don’t include the most focused performance car BMW ever created, the M1 :'(

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