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  1. Damn that car is pretty, really pretty; and it looks aggressive. Well done BMW.

  2. Really perfect ! À bomb

  3. I dont like the M4 nameplate. But it is a gorgeous car, and at 2:05!!! damn, Idk if this beats the RCF in my book, but both come with manual!

  4. isn’t it upsetting that the stingray will still whoop the m3/m4/m5/m6…

  5. Sem palavras!

  6. long lost brother..

  7. This car would probably be the best car bmw ever built if they put an all new turbo charged v8 that would over power any Mercedes v8

  8. Are the clutch and stick completely gone, now?

  9. Sounds like a PRIUS and has the same economic turbocharged engine displacement (2.979 liters), bore (3.3 inch) , stroke (3.5 inch) as X1 xDrive35i, M235i, 335i, X3 xDrive35i, 435i, X4 xDrive35i, X5 sDrive35i, 535i, Z4sDrive 35i, X6 sDrive 35i, X6 sDrive 35i and 740i.. It’s the first M3 that does not have a exclusive engine displacement and bore/stroke. It was developped in 2008 when the world economic crisis forced BMW to take shortcut and save money. This car is not a true M car, it’s a tuned turbo Piece of shit.

  10. so Beautiful car

  11. with artificial "in cabin" sound !!  All i have to say is marketing must have worked for months mixing and post processing sounds to make this video as if you listen to regular videos of this m4 it sounds like a bovine bugle (cow) or like an old dog, not what marketing is trying too hard to make it sound like in this video.

  12. why you guys makes so many M series? for me, too many variant on M line up makes not so special anymore,… there are M2, M3, M4, M5, M6,.. arrghh,.. it’s performance car not a cellphone,.. make it just two or three max. M3, M5 and M6,.. or just M3 and M6,.. You can makes many variant on regular BMW, but not on the M-series,..

    imagine this illustrations: I have bought my super sexy, powerful and expensive M3 ( I’m so proud of it),.. but when I wake up I realize that out there on the road my super sexy car is just M3, I still beaten by M4, 5, 6,.. arrggh,.. it’s feel like I just have the original 3 series,.. that’s not cool dude,.. make it short, make it more special and prestigious again,…

  13. The M4 shouldve been a whole different car. Instead of just a M3, with less doors. It should be in-between the 3 and 5 series

  14. BMW should bring an BMW M7 cause audi has a S8 and mercedes a S65AMG


  16. even in that ugly color the M4 looks just amazing; it is the best car BMW has; the M3 is ok and the i8 looks like a normal car next to the incredible M4.

  17. DELICIOUS!!!!

  18. Pretty funny to see German cars with German plates driving around in what is clearly california

  19. ~yawn~

  20. AMG is much better.

  21. funny

  22. this reminds the ferrari italia’s launchfilm in 2010

  23. Blue or yellow? Opinions please

  24. Station?

  25. No V8. Pff….never will it ever be the same!!! Don’t care if it has more power…a car with a V8 growls no matter what!!!

  26. I’m sorry but that was freakin’ awesome!

  27. why add some v8 sound? and one other thing, where is the manuall transmission? you should add the manual transmission awsell 🙂 !  

    makes me disapointed to not watch anny manual in the movie 🙁

  28. BMW. The ultimate lusting machine.

  29. Fuck yeah !

  30. Pretty sure that track is Laguna Seca

  31. BMW > Porsche


  33. Nicely put, the engine sounds like a lawnmower. The ATS-V and C63 AMG will massacre this car.

  34. Some laguna seca and some sonoma raceway..

  35. LEXUS RC F ist the best car . BMW cant compare to hight standart and built quality of LEXUS at all


  37. seriously amazing car but the exhaust sound just sucks monkey balls! hope they gonna change it.

  38. M3talMaddy

  39. Endlich mal ein Top Interior!!!
    wirklich 2 klasse alltagsautos!

  40. M Power on that engine is wrong, it’s TT Power now thought!

  41. m3support net

  42. Yeah, the modern 2 tons driving experience. Great job!

  43. Im very disappointed with BMW’s attitude towards its loyal patrons, in last week August, 2013 I picked up my 530d from Deutsche Motoren dealership in delhi without being informed about the facelifted BMW 5 Series which got launched in September, after expressing my disappointment to Mr. Abhishek Choubey(Sales Executive) who told me that he’d try speaking to officials at BMW India about getting my car upgraded to the face lifted version, later informed me that BMW India hadn’t even told the dealership about the launch of the face lift and that he could not help me in any manner, although assuring me that he will try in pulling some strings on his end to get me a deal on the face lifted version. Why should I wait for a deal, why should I pay for not being informed about the arrival of the face lifted 5 Series. Its been months now and nothing was resolved and Mr. Abhishek completely forgot about my disappointment and concern. I feel extremely cheated with BMW, and because of this my second BMW car would probably be my last, at this point I don’t even want an apology from BMW, I have lost faith in the brands customer centricity, I will also propagate my sour experience with BMW, and suggest people to trust brands like Mercedes as they still believe in customer centricity.

  44. the

  45. The ultimate diving machines… The BMW M3 and M4 sports cars…

  46. I don’t understand why bmw wouldn’t make the 4 door version the 4 series, and the coupe as 3 series

  47.  although I’m a Benz fen I’ve ever respect the M division especially the M3.

    No deny M4 is brilliant car… but in my opinion with it BMW marketing department successfully KILL the legend M3!!! Too pity 🙁

  48. German pile of utter junk to laugh at , Don’t people smash up BMW M cars as they are so crap ?
    I bet these piles of German crap are fast its a BMW what can you do other than laugh at it.
    The fools at BMW’s M Division cant stop making themselves look like idiots they still cant make a reliable engine.
    Chav German rubbish to laugh at BMW
    The ultimate driving pile of rubbish

  49. That car is absolutely stunning, but only they could keep the V8 for another era but nothing wrong with the new 6-cylinder engine. 👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️

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