BMW M3 v Mercedes-AMG C63 S v Alfa Romeo Giulia QV – DRAG RACE, BRAKE & DRIFT OFF | Head2Head

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio can crack 0-62mph in 3.9 seconds, which on paper, is faster than key German rivals. On top of this fact, the Alfa Romeo isn’t limited and so, can crank up to speeds of 191 or 190.8mph (to be precise). With this in mind, I put the Alfa to the test against its key rivals; the BMW M3 and the Mercedes – AMG C63 in a drag race. This means the Italian saloon can no longer hide behind its stats and has to put it’s money where it’s mouth is! Who will win this race in probably are tightest Head2head yet. Bring it on.

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  1. wtf mercedes, how can you let a alfa romeo beat a c63 and a bmw????????????? get your act together

  2. why are you scared of use that alfa????? prove everything she can do

  3. I’d love to have all three and of course throw in a Cadillac ats v.

  4. Great to see the usual German boring lard getting pumped. They should do the same run but against an Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400 – that would leave the Beemer and Merc for dead as well and give the Alfa a run for it’s money.

  5. Great reviews.

  6. where did you get that color on C63? No configurator gave me that option… or is it something new or UK special? Or is it the one your CEO had wrapped in blue? Looks soooo good.

  7. did you do the brake test just once with different driver in each ?
    what scientific test is it?

    at this level of performance the driver counts like the car or more.

  8. BMW the beat ever


  10. Italian cars are the way forward

  11. Cadillac ATS-V should be here

  12. great video! how about helping a small youtube channel grow? I’d really appreciate it if you checked it out! Thanks!

  13. Great video, and really entertaining.

  14. turbo lag in the c63…… slowly kicks in.In fact ,too slow.but a lovely car. I have to admit, quite a come back Alfa. love the giulia.

  15. 5:08 put more people on AMG make it more heavy and you can beat them.

  16. All the AMG Merc is an overpriced car.

  17. The Mercedes has ABS brakes that pulses up to 30 times per second. Nobody else has an ABS system that can pulse that fast.

  18. 1 word Durability………dubious Italian quality. A bit of tuning and the BMW will be faster and a lot less depreciating😊

  19. Of course the alfa! they don’t call it the Alfa for no reason.

  20. The Alfa is the best.

  21. Alfa will fall to bits faster too.

  22. Still is the big king AMG!!!
    nothing above mercedes his quality

  23. Dislike for his accent, Sorry

  24. Jumped the start big time!

  25. Italy beats Germany,hahahahahahihihihi all time!!!!!

  26. best

  27. Did those guys know that in drag race you are supposed to close the windows? Sad show.

  28. alfa vs m5 please

  29. Go Alfa! Go!!!

  30. idiot

  31. No matter how many minutes faster the other cars will be, Mercedes is still my favorite car brand of all times, and this particular one, and the s63 coupe are without a doubt one of the best looking/sounding/and best interior cars.

  32. That brake test is flawed, we have no way of knowing exactly when the driver of each car pressed the brake pedal…..

  33. I test drove M3 and c63s. I bought c63s. because M3 made my butt really hurt.

  34. BWM at least had a really bad start and who knows what kind of fool was driving there anyways. I’d still take the bimmer.

  35. why does everyone say mercedes AMG C63 its mercedes C63 AMG

  36. next race should be "how long till each breaks down, first to brake wins"

  37. The Rs6 would eat them all.

  38. AMG So heavy???

  39. Shocked about the c63

  40. alfa romeo

  41. Wtf? did the Merc have the handbrake on? lol

  42. give me the Alfa anyday over the other two!

  43. sick i like us car

  44. Giulia it’s our pride….

  45. the fashion of GIULIA is unique, sorry germans but this time italy won!
    ps: and giulia it’s only a V6 …

  46. That merc doesn’t belong here… U know why

  47. fake. bmw the best

  48. Don’t be jealous on Alfa. It’s an unexpected attack from Italy to Germany. Also it’s a good start. But i think that Bmw m3 competition pack is the winner of the race. Because It’s got less horse power than Giulia but it’s got so close performance datas with Giulia Qv. Their weight are so close also. There are 5 kg difference between them.

  49. The Merc was already behind with the brake test. No wonder it came first.

  50. Alfa Romero = overpriced trash
    BMW = Bavarian Meh… Works
    Mercedes = Mercedes

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