BMW M3 vs Formula BMW

Drivex Tv presenta: Enfrentamos al Nuevo BMW M3 contra el monoplaza de la Fórmula BMW Europea. 420 cv. y 1655 Kg contra 140 cv. y 465 Kg.
Los pilotos Miguel Angel de Castro y Marcos Martinez Ucha enfrentan a los dos coches en una prueba de aceleración y una carrera en el circuito del Jarama.

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  1. If you’ve played Live For Speed, the Formula BMW is one of the weakest open-wheel cars of the Formula series, but it delivers incredible fun for any beginner to the universe of Formula 1-kind-of cars. 

  2. Haha f1 get the f… outa here. That car is like formula 1 that races around that shoe store were kids come with their home made toys.

  3. that M3 OMG would picked that over the formula all day anytime.

  4. Não é só o peso. É peso, o centro de gravidade no formula é mais baixo. A formação do chassis e a dureza e curso de amortecedores é mais curta. A calibragem de dampers e cambers é bastante diferente, por outro lado tem um motor mais rotativo com resposta mais linear ao contrário do M3. E isso em circuito por quem sabe conduzir em circuito, faz imensa diferença.

    A agilidade de um formula é incomparavel. Se houver duvidas é meter um Caterham CSR260 q pesa pouco mais d 400 kg, no lugar do formula.

  5. its not an F1 car

  6. duh nice looking cars

  7. bmwm3 good

  8. bmw m3 got its ego bruised, by one of the smallest of the formulas, now that is called being put in its place.

  9. yooooo

  10. its obviously not a F1

  11. Con giros milimetricos de la formula es ovio que es mejor en las curvas

  12. genialll 😉 <3 me quedo con el M3 XD

  13. es mas ➕ ligero

  14. ผ่านr35ไห้ได้ก่อนจะดีมั้ย

  15. Oh noo! A race thats just for fun where the two vehicles don’t have the same horsepower, torque, sticker price and weight! Pointless!!!

    Might as well race two of the same fucking cars then, retards

  16. Why don’t you people realize not every single comparison needs to be a proper fair test??

    This is just to compare a lower class Formula car with a fast roadcar, in order for people to get some SCALE.

    When are you idiots finally going to realize some tests only serves to illustrate the difference and are not fair for cars in the same class??

  17. Dont get me wrong, the m3 is a beauiful car, but very few cars have a chance against a Formula car.

  18. well, THAT language sucks

  19. 😀

  20. mute the video and play this /watch?v=K_FEULRoOTY

  21. Need to c a G power m6 vs a f1

  22. bravooo!!1 adrenalina pura… el rugir de un carro como el latir de un corazón!

  23. Por que el monoplaza no participa en la formula 1 ???

  24. UM…….I think an actuall f1 car….um would would win like BIG time like i fuk u in da but (bauk lao) big time

  25. Geniaaaaal

  26. Somebody doesn’t understand sarcasm and humor.

  27. beemer lost beemer won

  28. Are bmw formula cars even good?

  29. BMW M3 VS. BMW 135i /watch?v=wYTC3MkAu3Q&

    – MY SHELBY GT race 2012 year … 700 km – 0 -100 3,1 sec

  31. next on drivextv.. usian bolt vs guy in a wheelchair

  32. Pa que puta ni agarra el pinche Video. Coman su caca vergas

  33. LOL RIGHT!

  34. It’s a formula BMW not a f1 not a f3 a formula BMW


  36. cool 😉

  37. Eso no es un carro de formula 1 de verdad ese es el carro de practica que es mucho menos poderoso

  38. with or without the sunroof it would still lose to a formula’s baddass handling even if its just a formula 3. let me explain getting the better of it on a formula 3 car on the straight wont really do anything seeing as when they come in the corner the formula 3 will eventually pass it and out corner it because we all know formula one car’s have more grip than these cars

  39. Is it even F1 car? F1 car would own M3 from start by big distance. But this F1 loses at straight lane

  40. This is Formula BMW car NOT Formula ONE car…………Formula BMW car looks like Formula ONE car but its completely different car

  41. no mames obio si el formula tiene mayor aselerasion a corta distansia en la prueba en curbas al mimento de tomar la curba el formula x maior aselerasion deja atras el m3

  42. Mother fucking dumb shit show!? It is in fact, but…
    The M3 convertible weighs almost 200 kgs more than the M3 coupe.
    Added 25 kgs to the car?? How’s that!?!?

  43. Why would you even race an M3 vs. a Formula? This is like comparing a jet and a paper airplane

  44. no not f1 at all. Formula BMW is a series at the bottom of the pro ladder.

  45. actually that formula isn’t that powerfull. it has only 140hp and 1000pounds of weight….power to weight ratios are close

  46. me pika el culo culeros

  47. Formula BMW man, nor an F1

  48. it isn’t formula 3…. or 2… or 1…. its formula BMW…. lol…..  tiny little things, like formula ford but with aero.

  49. Exactly this is a Formula Kart. Not a F3 nor even a F1. 🙂

  50. Hahahaha kurwas

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