BMW M4 vs BMW M5. In the first of our Deadly Rivals series, evo’s road test editor Dan Prosser pits two of the best M Division cars head-to-head on track.

Lap times, specifications and the pure ‘thrill of driving’ … all is put to the test, but which will come out on top?

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  1. @thedanprosser prick
    If i wanted to hear numbers i would fucking buy a catalog

  2. Great vid, love my F10 M5 wouldnt swop it for anything

  3. 2 amazing car MPOWER FAMILLY

  4. @2:57 how can this guy not have a grin from ear to ear at this point?!?

  5. The m6 would DESTROY both of these vehicles!

  6. wrong track for the bigger heavier M5

  7. Had an m3 … Have a newer M5… And am impressed. The car isn’t all sport. Want a 997 porsche.

  8. I hate evo because of this fucker worst presenter ever boring non entertaning fuck prick has no fucking carisma not watching evo because of him ever

  9. I love these deadly rivals videos. Keep them coming please.

  10. cool pics

  11. M5 looks just like the e92 m3 down to the back lights.

  12. m4 vs b4 vs 435i vs m2 ?? maybe one day

  13. I wanna see that M5 matched up with the CTS-V.

  14. eve always makes better quality videos than anyone else

  15. Take both for a 1000km drive… When you get out of M4 you will be completely exhausted. Not so much in an M5…. since it a much more comfortable and refined car. So it all depends what you looking for.

  16. Top speed 155??!!

  17. Manhart vs G-Power that’s will be awesome

  18. Great videos, guys. Like top gear but without the pretentious bullishness.

  19. i don’t get why you went to a track with a 2t heavy limousine. Like what is this test about? The M5 is not even close to being a track car and it’s definitely not supposed to be one in the first place. I don’t get this ”test” haha

  20. Always a pleasure watching this tester ,he appears very knowledgable

  21. Such a good video. Thank you!

  22. M6 vs rs7 vs cls amg.. just saying..

  23. Impressive time from the M5. I guess M GmbH did some wizardry in this 30 Jahre edition to make this behemoth stay close to the M4 on the track.

    I think the F10 looks much better than the E60. It’s overall a better car. I wish it didn’t weigh so much, though. The M5 has never been "light" apart from the E28 but nearly 2 tons is too much for a midsize sedan IMO.

    I also don’t like the sound of the S63B44 but that’s not because of the turbos, it’s the engine, it’s the way it is and nothing will make it sound any different, though more aggressive exhausts will improve it a lot.

  24. Great video Dan!

  25. bmw m5 wins more power

  26. No one, nor you will drive these cars on roads this way. M5 is much more stable and much more luxurious than M3. There is reason RS6 or M5 is more expensive than M3 or RS4… That whole track day thing is bs.

  27. And yet a $37k Camaro is faster round track than both of these. . . ‘merica.

  28. m4 has a "badass" bumper. I love it

  29. You’re an awesome reviewer m8! Both great cars.
    Still can’t decide between BMW M5 and AMG E63 S.. Love germans, that’s for sure.

  30. Both sound like a piece of shite

  31. Exciting to watch, with surprising results!

  32. Shouldn’t this test have been a M3 vrs M4 Both Coupe models putting up a saloon against a coupe is kinda dumb

  33. M5 looks fat lol.. I like the M4 better

  34. m4 makes a terrible noise

  35. Actually M5 goes 199 mph not 155. I need an M5 in my life

  36. my car

  37. e60 m5 vs m4

  38. 3:00 What a perfect shot bro! Omg amazing!

  39. both are amazing but I prefer the m5 More cause it have good looking design 4 door more comfortable a handy control higher top speed and accrelation and finally it have the monster v8 yes I love the stright line 6 but that 4.4 v8 is just monster

  40. I miss that V10…… These cars sound $**t
    Maybe I’m biased?

  41. Wow what a video!! I’m so buying an M4

  42. I want to see Cayman GTS vs M4

  43. Man those times are sandbagged lol regular m5 with 552bhp does 3.7 0-60 this one should do 3.5 lol
    M4 has been clocked at 4 seconds flat maybe the manual has a 0-60 of 4.3 😂👌

  44. Listen man u are a good reviewer and all that! but recap what u said at the start that the M5 have better traction and M4 could be all over the place and once u drove the M4 u say its more planted and secure! Shouldn’t u wait for the end of the video to assume since u are doing a comparison? 🙂

  45. Good demonstration but that M5 will mop the floor with the M4 in the real world.

  46. anyway, I still love BMWs

  47. Seriously, who cares about the performance… People are rarely gonna drive there car on a track, we need to see more video about the looks, not the performance!

  48. ///M

  49. Technically its M5 vs M3 and M6 vs M4.

  50. I swear just everyone don’t know that BMW is something that you cannot resist they are Devils in Metal
    only BMW Fans know what BMW really is

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