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  1. 93 – dislike Mercedes )))

  2. my best BMW of all time…

  3. Best car commercial ever made. Full stop.

  4. Probably the best car commercial ever made.

  5. This is how you sell a car.

  6. because they are mercedes fun.


  8. FUCK

  9. super

  10. MM POWER

  11. The Nissan 300z commercial by Ridley Scott is the best car commercial EVER. ….this is #2….there is no #3

  12. that’s something

  13. would be more suited for a veryon

  14. Best car ad ever!

  15. this is the best ad ever made for me

  16. I wonder if the Uploader of this Video is still alive.

  17. but its a lie?!!

  18. BMW E39 / Instagram : e39club

  19. The founder of Youtube is here !!!

  20. E39 Facelift, coolest BMW ever made.

  21. Yeah, thats my car )))

  22. Love that alien reactor sound when the cameraman verifies if everything is good 😉

  23. So, why is there a 458 in your photo?

  24. Sorry you are so butthurt. And yes… i am well aware of the benifits of AWD. You commented that the panamera is quicker to 100km/h by .5 seconds, and my comment was to say that was thanks to the AWD system. So thanks for reading and considering what people say rather than running your mouth all over the internet. Go look at the drag race between the Tesla and the new m5. you will be surprised. BMW fanboys are so annoying…

  25. well the car came out in I would assume then. could be as late as 2003.

  26. The E39 was an amazingly good Car. They didn’t need to replace it.

  27. and then the point of the bat mobile is…?

  28. ماشینی که داره فیلم برداری میکنه چقدر تند میره


  30. This is worth watching in cinema.

  31. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  32. Is this the advert that was banned as it promoted speed ?

  33. Make that 90.

  34. Exaggerated advertising 🙂

  35. this commercial is brilliant.

  36. I remember this commercial. It was the sickest BMW commercial I’ve ever seen!

  37. Why hasn’t Audi done this already?

  38. Yeah right…  Of course the M5 was carrying the camera.  Honest it was…

  39. Hahaha…. That’s kickass ad👊

  40. how did you comment that if your Latest Activity 23 Apr 2005…

  41. the bentley continental flying spur speed is the fastest saloon in the world..

  42. yeah like the benz sls electric right? Check out that video before you thrash electric cars entirely. that was not an advertisment for tesla. it was a review Car and driver did the drag race I was talking about. It wasn’t the best launch for the m5 but meh, its just shows how close these cars are. Climb down off your high horse kid. The m5 isnt some untouchable wondercar. grow up and own vehicles before bullshitting on the internet about them.

  43. no it isnt…. the panamera Turbo S is quite a bit quicker… there are other contenders as well…

  44. My hair is standing up after watching this. Wtf!!! I know it’s fiction but the effect of showcasing a legendary car like this, why haven’t I seen this before? BMW please re-show this in HD! Cargasm! Dayum!

  45. BMW M5 😂😂😂wie geil is das denn

  46. My two favorite things in the world….the bmw m5 and death metal!

  47. Best car ever made. No argument.

  48. the awd system makes it faster. thats the key factor here. the new m5 isnt even much faster than the new tesla model S. (though that thing pulls like a freight train… literally)

  49. O1O

  50. BMW <3

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