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  1. Love how the M5 pulls back to those AWD after traction issue. It just too fucking fast to classify as a sedan, it’s a supercar! Actually, I thought the Turbo would stay ahead longer with its AWD. Sorry, BMW just too fast.

  2. That’s crazy I would have thought the panamera would have won

  3. хорош

  4. bye bye Porsche

  5. it has more horsepower and better torque’ of course it will win, this is silly. put it against the GTR"

  6. Aaand at the and of the video bmw is crashing somewhere the porscha laugh hard and pass him away

  7. Dude, you’re cheating! You aren’t even at the same line with the Porsche.

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  9. The only Turbo Porsche that beat my M5 F10 was a RUF tuned edition and that was barely, BMW M5 rules the streets and highways in sedan class

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