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  1. rest in piece!!!! idiot!

  2. Human TRASH!

  3. Nutter!
    This reminds me of Ronin

  4. Who’s here because of joe rogan

  5. R.I.P LEGEND!!! Respect from Romania…..Your name will never be forgotten! Legends never die!!!!

  6. 00m500

  7. thank god he is dead

  8. This guy is not a good driver. He is relying on everyone else to follow the rules of the road so he does not crash. One other idiot like him, and they would crash into each other. I’d say for him to take it to the track, but he probably did and got his ass handed to him, hence the hooning on the street.

  9. He would be a great Rally Driver but :/

  10. Needfordrive should do a behind the scenes video!! this will be pretty awesome

  11. RIP Giorgi from Romania, you were a legend.

  12. proof that baldspot doesnt make you less of a man

  13. I wonder how many speeding tickets he collected

  14. He should of been in fast and furious Tokyo drift rip

  15. RIP…

  16. Street racing can be done somewhere else. Not in the city which is stuffed with people and cars. This guy just simply put them in danger with reckless method. Do it where no one walks or drivers.

  17. Thank god he’s dead now though……

  18. Zu viel GTA ..

  19. Totally amateur driver… his knowledge = other drivers benevolence those who compensate his fails. He produce mistake almost everey seconds…

  20. Yeah it’s irresponsible but this guy is literally an extension of his car…total control. It’s one thing doing this on a track but in a busy city coming out unscathed and not injuring or killing anyone is amazing. Before anyone says anything I know he died as a passenger in his own car. RIP

  21. Pretty dangerous, for the fact alone that he cant foresee what other cars or ppl might do, but fuck it, its awesome. They should have one day a year where all sane ppl stay at home while every idiot can race around town. Id be the first to die lol.

  22. You should try that in a real M5. The E39 M5

  23. RIP shame he died love these films, I would love that m5 true legend!

  24. Просто Охуенно

  25. Its not about the drifts anyone can do that neither the control.Its about the experience that man has on the road.he is so good at predicting situations and knowing the general driving behaviors drivers have in his region. You can put luis hamilton and any pro driver do that and he will be dead or kill someone in seconds.

  26. Земля ему пухом…

  27. каждый день ахуеваю с момента на 7:25

  28. I heard this guy never run late for work.

  29. кому такая езда нужна?? он за 10 минут грубо нарушил правила несколько десятков раз и создал кучу аварийных моментов!!! как бы это не звучало, но Бог забрал его душу раньше, чем бы это гонщик забрал чью нибудь невинную!! хочешь гонять -пиздуй на трек, городские улицы это не место для такой езды, и еще вопрос- куда смотрела доблестная ДПС, или как она в Грузии называется? таких прав нужно лешать на раз!

  30. eso no es diversión ni es nada es hacer el subnormal y poner la vida de las personas en peligro. se tendría que esclafar a ver si escarmentaba

  31. The guy was a fucking moron. Putting everybody on the road at risk. And increasing my insurance premium! The road is not a race track.

  32. the 3rd ghear

  33. Fucking idiot. Glad he died without killing an innocent driver on the road.

  34. I swear I love the E34 so much 😍, probably was stock too. They are beasts!

  35. RIP Gio.

  36. This looks dangerous, I’m surprised he’s still alive.

  37. Still can’t get enough of this video 😂 just doesn’t get boring 🤙 Rip Giorgi

  38. Класс!!!

  39. I got to say that this man right here got some serious skills and he knows to control the vehicle on it’s limits
    but driving in such way on public roads full of traffic is a horrific thing to do…. don’t be the cause of somebody’s death because you drive like a maniac

  40. died 2013 giorgi

  41. Legend

  42. Balfasz gyökér. Remélem azóta magkapta a neki járó póznát!

  43. Woww that is dangerous,!!!!

  44. Even better than the movies ! Best video ever and !! IN a BIMMER BABY!

  45. still 1 of the best videos on the net 🙂

  46. RIP tevzadze

  47. That guy is dead in car accident.
    Unfortinately he was not driving when the accident had happened. He was just passanger.
    R.I.P Bro. R.I.P 🙁

  48. what the…..

  49. hahaha idiota.Megdöglött végre :))))

  50. ИДИОТ!!!

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