BMW M5 “NeedForDrive.com” Street Drift # 1 Full Video, Driver – Giorgi Tevzadze(NeedForDrive Team)

Join Us at “NeedForDrive.Com” ! Driver(Giorgi Tevzadze, 25 years old) can be found at “NeedForDrive.com”! New Videos From “NeedForDrive.com” and Giorgi Tevzadze in February(not in traffic!)! Special thanks to “Focus Production”! We(including the driver) agree that driving on public roads like that is terribly dangerous and can lead to the worst consequences! so please DO NOT TRY TO DO what you see in this video! We are not going to race in streets like these anymore! But still this is a very beautifull video! The purpose of this video is Adversiting! Хотите Инфо Про Водителя И Машину? зарегистрируйтес на “NeedForDrive.Com” и добавьте в друзья “Giorgi Tevzadze”! это новая социальная сеть для автолюбителей и их машин! Гиорги Тевзадзе(Водитель) один из создателей сайта! регистрация бесплатно! .будем благодарны если поможете привлечь Русских ребят! функция перевода на русский язык там есть! регистрация бесплатно!
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ახალი სოციალური ქსელი ავტომოყვარულებისა და მათი ავტომობილებისთვის! შემოგვიერთდით! რეგისტრაცია უფასოა!

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  1. abonné vous à ma chaine

  2. A complete disregard for the rules. This man understood.

  3. legends never die R.I.P Gioggi

  4. He is cunt, fucking cunt. Rest in hell, you, stupid dick.

    Also – 40% young people in Russia drives their "supercar Avtovaz" like that, cunts.

  5. rip

  6. R.I.P.

  7. rip

  8. Okay, he’s driving as insane as is humanly possible, yet he STILL USES HIS INDICATORS. TAKE THE HINT PEOPLE.
    Man I wish I could drive like this though..

  9. Drivers like that are a dime a dozen. Not too skillful really, he would not have made a top 20 in a BMW rally. Like the comment before me said ‘ fact that he had absolutely no respect for anyone, that selfishness is what doesn’t make him a good driver.

  10. carstvo tebe nebesnoy…….

  11. Super drift 🙂

  12. driving like this is really dangerous, but takes an enormous amount of skill.

  13. It was a fckin stupid idea :/

  14. да я так на 2 ванус в городе ездию!а так зачет!

  15. Hell yeah!

  16. what happened to him?

  17. excellent skills.but keep it off the public roads… you dont wanna kill a son or daughter or wife or yourself….

  18. Kenn Block, you got sacked man 🙂

  19. Беха есть Беха просто Супер!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. fucking amazing guy.

  21. fucking idiot

  22. Jak szerszeń pod tesco kurwa

  23. nem semmi csávó…!!sok magyar köcsögnek már biztos a bírságolás ugrik be rögtön,,itt még a neve is ott van,de lefogadom semmi bántódása nem lett! meg a rendszám kitakarás meg a sok sunyi túlszabályozott paragrafusos kurva agyuk az.. Inkább azt nézzétek hogy az utak milyen SIMÁK" NEM KÁTYU KÁTYU HÁTÁN,.. SOK KÖCSÖG POLITIKUS, budapest útjain felborult volna 15ször

  24. Bem loco

  25. Nastoyashchiy dzhigit! Respect!)))

  26. 4:26 near crash

  27. Brilliant driver!

  28. what’s the cops do?

  29. In Georgia is full democracy!

  30. idiot…… thats to dangerous! ! do you want kill other people??

  31. 0:44 idiot

  32. nice need for drive m5 n°1 like drift champion the word…….NICE DRIFT VILLE…….yes giorgie                                                fuck the  POLICE   ahhhahhaaahhhhhaahahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice club giorgie

  33. This is such BS. Every 17 year old who has a few beers is gonna try this some night in his Jetta and kill somebody.


  35. bmw что за машина я просто думаю былинннн


  37. Great driving skills. Until you crash into a person. Then you will never be happy again… Do it on a racetrack man! And not on the open streets. Thats just stupid as fuck.

  38. thank god this dip$hit is off the streets

  39. Помним… скорбим…

  40. Dope

  41. He wasn’t even driving when he died In a car accident 😭

  42. красаучик уася!

  43. 3:30 Kocham

  44. All you Giorgi haters are just mad because you all can’t drive even close to how good he was able to when he was alive, so cut the bullshit.

  45. When he Dead ?
    Day/Month/Year tell me pls.

  46. This dude must be reported to police for really dangerous driving in traffic. It would be fine if he would drive like that on track but not on live traffic.
    In Russia u would get beaten up for that kind of driving.

  47. R.i.p "Legend"

  48. that M5 is taking a lot of punishment

  49. Pewnie zapiardalał po karpia do lidla.

  50. is this in tbilisi

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