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  1. The only 5 series that deserves the M badge.

  2. blur – song 2

  3. @FTWGame0N soooo M///

  4. @90fabc Blur – Song 2

  5. hahaahaha 6:18 typical

  6. This was posted on my 16teen birthday!! 😀

  7. 🙂

  8. Easily the best car commercial ever. German Engineering ladies and gents.

  9. Even more i laike it

  10. seat belt Madge.

  11. OMG I drive like that every day :L

  12. this whole series is excellent.

  13. Last proper M5 with proper manual gearstick – there is no such cars these days

  14. best BMW for ever

  15. Lady GaGa should do coincidentially a commercial like this with the new ///M5 hehe

  16. after all these years, I still find this utterly amusing!

  17. 6:18 lol

  18. well BMW still offer manual in their M cars, and it’s the only one from germany or italia so that’s good!

  19. sa boisson èlle a réussi a la garder saine et sauve pendant 03.05 mdr.j’aime bien pour ne pas dire j’adore quand le gars 02.02 dit "oh la on n’ést la pour s’amusér non"? et le gars au volant dit "relax madonna je suis un as du volant" quand a la fin ça la pas fait.en partant sur un autres sujet, ece’que une pèrsonne pourrait me dire si madonna en fait d’autres?des videos de çe genre Quasi-comique

  20. Now thats driving bitches :L

  21. @Foroli11 just for your information…automatic was the first to exist so its older…

  22. You are the driver! You, are supposed to know.

  23. @Foroli11 not that old in europe 😉

  24. ///Madonna xD

  25. who sings this song!!!!!

  26. the good old manual..


  28. …and shes a complete cartographer

  29. i’ll take Madonna over Lady Gaga any day.

  30. best looking bmw and best ad ever

  31. Unquestionably, the best m5 ever.

    The E60 is a beast, I’ll give you that, but the design of the E39 is just magnificent.

  32. I’ll take anyone over lady Gaga 🙂

  33. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuujjjjjjjnja

  34. Somebody know this movie title?

  35. HAHAHAHA….such a DIVA!!!

  36. the reason i bought an E39!!!!

  37. wonder how much did they pay

  38. @pollocampero20877 the band is called blur and the song is "song 2 "

  39. Blur – Woohoo song

  40. збс

  41. Brilliant!

  42. Ух!!! только концовка… Гай Гичи в своем репертуаре:)

  43. 129 people have been captured by the power of the dark side 😀

  44. I’ve never jumped mine but I have rolled that much smoke off of the back tires before 🙂

  45. I can’t belive, that you americans drive with an automatic, in Europe only old and handicapped people drive with it. A manual is more sporty.

  46. exelent xdd m5 o m3 the besto of the best ctm! ImI

  47. 4:45 do it like a boss

  48. Madonna’s best work! Hilarious!

  49. One of the best bmw commercial

  50. SUPER.COOL..!!!

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