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  1. this is NOT the panamera turbo S


  3. Bring fastest BMW you want vs Porsche 911 turbo S.
    You will see the winner of all time ….

  4. M6 is faster? no way…

  5. Pfffffft BMW i dun love u 4 free !

  6. Porsche is king.

  7. Where is panamera?

  8. M POWER!!

  9. Bmw the great machine

  10. m6 gc looks way better too

  11. I wanna seeing do that to the GTS.

  12. what ??????????????????????? the m6 grand coupe just beat the shit out of the panamera ??????????????????????

  13. The GTS is slower than the Turbo..

  14. if you look close the video panamera truing past the  piece shit BMW they stop the video ok   

  15. +Evan McMiller E63 AMG S walks any M s u can list buddy.

  16. Well, sorry for all you Porsche fans. The Panamera with its turbo v8 is still no match for that 7 speed dual clutch automatic sport automatic gearbox you get in the BMW, that means 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds. Well done BMW, what a truly magnificent speed machine. 

  17. Ion think the M6 had The power button on

  18. That’s a lie!!! Who the hell was driving the Porsche?

  19. Both cars are amazing. Imagine 30 years back and witnessing two comfortable 4 door gt bruisers going that fast! Hell 2 tons and that speed is an amazing feat even by todays standards. I’ll be the first to say it the m6 is a monster! This is coming from a panamera turbo owner. 

    on a side note…these bmw/ porsche fanboy feuds are really annoying. 95% of the trash talkers don’t have the funds to own one or much less have personal experience behind the wheel. 

    If anything appreciate that cars like this are even around.

  20. OK…This Porsche is faster from the start!!! It will beat almost  any car in its category. Maybe, even every… But, when it comes to comes to the roll start, I don`t think it`ll have a chance with the M6. But, anyway, its very fast!!

  21. not only better looking, faster too.. 

  22. Where is Nissan GTR 🙁

  23. BMW The Boss

  24. @erirocit Don’t worry about ur beloved panamera turbo s it has already been raped by the F10 M5 🙂

  25. Nice fake !!!

  26. it’s sad because the Porsche panamera turbo is 25,000 more 

  27. the porsche was driving with parking brake on

  28. No problem, Turbo S will eat that BMW like a child.
     (I mean Panamera Turbo S, not 991)

  29. of course 

  30. Hey Sharon’s you stupid a** bmw hater! porches are for poor people to show off what little they have. Buy an aston Martin.

  31. The M6 can even beat the mighty RS7 0-200 let alone Panamera Turbo.

  32. Bmw piece of garbage. Porsche looks a lot heavier and better looking

  33. porsche loses against a bmw wtf? ridiculous!


  35. BMW are the best

  36. //AMG > M , porshe , everything else ..

  37. The Bmw m6 is better !!!!

  38. BMW power!!!😎😎😎

  39. ///M is the real power !

  40. Why not put a Panamera Turbo S in there? That’s the fastest Panamera, not this one.

  41. BMW All day

  42. Against turbo s maybe ??

  43. first of all that’s just a coupe with 2 extra doors slapped on Porsche looks like sedan mix with a hothatch pretty sure its heavier.

  44. Porsche Panamera Turbo only good at off the line, No sedan matches BMW close gearing. Even Hellcat can’t beat BMW M6 coupe from a 40mph roll start. 

  45. Intersting fact that bmw has nothing to compete with porsche 911

  46. both cars are great cars….luv both of them…….

  47. i thought tha m6 was gona get washed but that thang aint pussy

  48. the porsche has advantage with a lunch control , if its not active it wont goes on full power !!

  49. M6 Grancoupe, what a car!, & this isn’t competition package, just standard M6 GC.
    but wow.

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