BMW Motorcycle Assembly – Berlin Plant

BMW Motorcycle Assembly 2014 Berlin Plant. BMW S 1000 R

Watch! BMW R 1200 GS Engine Production http://youtu.be/LD6kGafB2to
BMW Motorcycles Assembling http://youtu.be/L22oij8nT2k
BMW Motorcycle Engine Assembly http://youtu.be/ARb1eGT06Hw
BMW Motorcycle Engines Mechanical Production http://youtu.be/7q-P5fO37QI

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  1. bmw,s are just yuk like germans no personality and a boring ride.

  2. Get them now … Who knows how much longer they will be made in Germany

  3. they should use bigger tyres for more stability.

  4. Interesting clip for #GS owners

  5. Wonderful video for a motorcycle freak as I am. I’ve owned Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Harley and now I’m buying a BMW. Love their ultra clean factory and quiet construction, these guys are professionals. No wonder BMW corporation has a net worth of 725 billion.

  6. That’s an R1200GS (R= boxer engine, 1200 CC, GS= Gelande/Strasse or Gelande Sport)

  7. هتولي الاخير ملي دعوة 😂😂

  8. Im a motorcycle geek, bmw bikes are nice, classy, fancy, advanced BUT the new bmws are not reliable at all, bmw used to be good till the gs1150, after that not so much, some of my friends have brand new gs1200 and f800 and they had to go to the dealer for problems with their bikes and every single blog of world travellers riding a brand new bmw motorcycle always always have a problem with those bikes after a few months of riding and the ones riding japanese bikes almost dont have a problem with their bikes specially the Kawasaki KLR650, so my advice if you want to look classy and pretend to ride just a few miles, go for bmw, if you want to be a real soldier on the road and pretend to turn over the mileage clock of your motorcycle several times, go for a japanese bike specially the KLR650

  9. Is this mechanical engineering ?

  10. hi

  11. great motor.. I love it… sure quality is great.. nice to ride.. beg is better.. . I like to choose it.

  12. c’était de belle bécane maintenant des bouts de plastique , c’est a gerber

  13. Excellent video, well worth the time to watch!

  14. lamborhine leonardo car orangle

  15. Now I know way they cost  so much to fix, There most be thousands of parts !

  16. At first, I thought this was the inside of a Planet Fitness gym.

  17. Kawasaki ninja

  18. German police should be very happy. Beautiful motorcycle! I’m from Brazil. 🙂
    Deutsch Polizei sollte sehr glücklich sein. Schöne Motorrad! Ich bin aus Brasilien. 😀

  19. Extra

  20. s 1000 GS not s 1000 R!

  21. Great video !I was wondering if I would get a BMW or a Ducati, I think I will go for BMW, the factory look so clean !Thanks !

  22. They’re building an R1200GS, not an S 1000 R. You can even see the guy install a GS fairing @2:30

  23. really number one !!!!!

  24. The HP4 is beautiful.

  25. yes, auto nations,the german culture for mechanic…

  26. Now thats why BMW are so expensive. You can see the advanced thinking in the way they build.

  27. Thanks to the workers ! You make a great job !

  28. Too bad it was fast forwarded at 3:10, I would have liked to watch the whole video at standard motion.

  29. Perfect example… a workplace without females. So quiet, so relaxing, so productive. Germany, you got it right.

  30. I like how clean and organized everything looks.

  31. I’m from Brazil and really the Germany equipments are very good!

    Excellent video! A lot of precision!

  32. A nicer ending would’ve been a factory whistle blowing, the work shift ending, and the men walking out to the parking lot and driving away on their BMW bikes.

  33. Excellent Work.

  34. Saravis esok enkau datang pukul 11.30am🚲🚲🚲

  35. Harika

  36. The workers look so chilled out compared to the Honda factory.

  37. I want that white GS sooooo bad.

    Sat on one a few months ago, it was amazing.

  38. Has anyone here heard of Dynamic Motorrad?

  39. So much goes into these places, unbelievable.

  40. Never though of a job like this, but it would be fun for me.

  41. Interessante. Esistono motori di cilindrata da 500>750 cm3 boxer turbo sovralimentati ?

  42. Still don’t know how that "beep" passes as a horn! BMs used to have decent twin horns, now you have to buy aftermarket units, pretty shoddy when you’ve spent £19,000 on a K1600GTSE!.

  43. Oh that s1000rr is a beauty! 

  44. I don’t understand with so much of precision in manufacturing how will it have long term riding problems unlike other bikes.some of the comments just make any sense

  45. It’s a beautiful factory. That dynamo test in the factory has to be weird.


  47. Plaste, Plaste und noch mehr Plaste – was für Joghurtbecher sind das nur geworden!

  48. Really good factories are almost quiet…

  49. Sophal Bou facebook interent taxis drivers

  50. Troppo forti sti tedeschi non sembra una fabbrica di moto ma una asettica sala operatoria …..tutto in ordina massima pulizia e sopratutto ne un rumore oltre quelli di quelli consentiti …..Complimenti

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