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  1. Anti gravity impossible I I I think so I I think how what how Is this possible ?¿? ¿?¿?¿?

  2. I love this installation. Physics, kinetic energy, but what role does programming play?

  3. I am enjoying

  4. Singapore has this in the airport. It’s very relaxing For those After a long flight

  5. my pace maker got sucked into this device

  6. What a kind of sorcery is this?…

  7. Guys it’s both strings and magnetism
    The strings is just to keep it straight so it stays in position while the magnetism helps it rise up and down

  8. just turn down the sound

  9. бля, этот голос, он такой. такой :3 0:35

  10. very relaxing to watch – like that

  11. nothing would achieve that.

  12. that is actually cool

  13. mute, full screen. that will do it 😉

  14. run in and tangle all of them up 😀

  15. Aliens 😐

  16. the rolling as it was "filmed" was sometimes distracting but sometimes it worked..not sure if I liked it

  17. ¿¿¿como???

  18. magneto

  19. типичный хогвардс

  20. I wish I could have those in my own bedroom’s

  21. 어떻게 한거죠?

  22. turn the volume off?

  23. So everybody speaks german.. and the info is in english … great job

  24. ทำใง

  25. Will this stop BMW drivers from being assholes?

  26. Aww, just strings? I was wondering if it was magnetism.

  27. mute the video 😉

  28. Bet the people who made it made a cock and balls shape and tits when they were testing it !

  29. I saw something similar at the airport in singapore. Amusing stuff.

  30. Shut up and take my money.

  31. Almost looks like magnets spheres 😀 Buckyballs, Neocube, Zen Magnets, Nanodots and so on…

  32. They are not a magnets, its just a balls mounted on pipes wich are moving up and down from the ceiling. Simple trick.

  33. Not really. The one taking the video could have have been an American visiting Germany.

  34. I was there a week ago, quite cool

  35. there is another copy of this wonderful art in Singapore at Changi Airport.

  36. 😃

  37. Thin strings… it’s suspended from the ceiling.

  38. People are so weird.

  39. ahahahaha

  40. I want this on my ceiling!!

  41. There is no such thing as relaxing, go back to sleep, when you awake you will work, you will pay taxes and work over time if required. You will think about bills and other stressful life issues. When i count to 3, you will wake…. 1….2…..3! 🙂

  42. estooo si que esta locooooooooo!!!

  43. There is a "mute" option 😉

  44. FUCKING MAGNETS! how did they work?

  45. This is also in changi Airport Singapore

  46. cinema 4 d 

  47. The sentinels are coming.

  48. Mute?

  49. It is amazing and nice

  50. oink oink bitch

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