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  1. Well, with more and more affordable vehicles now being equipped with previously limited-to-higher-end-vehicle technologies (collision avoidance, large screen/nav/connectability, you name it), BMW has to do something to get you to consider spending $20K+ more.

  2. Organic lights? Oh sure, everything is all fine till you find out they used gmo’s in it!……lol


  4. Can anyone tell me if you can get something similar to the turn signal lights shown on K1600GTL already or its just a concept? and what do you call those signal lights as? flashing turn indicators?

  5. Great idea indeed!

  6. Just amazing… this is great stuff and excited to see it on cars.

  7. Really cool, looks like came off a UFO

  8. I may be wrong and I’m fine with being corrected, but doesn’t Audi already have this type of OLED on some of their models of SUV’s & CUV’s?

  9. The first one seems way to busy for a rear light. Too much going on. The others don’t look bad but you’ll probably have to pay extra since most fancy stuff on BMW is optional 

  10. They have this technology and yet the F80/82 still use incandescent bulbs. Ok BMW.

  11. Looking forward to seeing what BMW will next incredible technology. Seems like one’s imagination is now the only limit.

  12. where the cash at? 

  13. Next do the video in Deutsch

  14. Amazing!

  15. OLED is most powerful LED Korean is first make TV OLED the best of best LED ever made earth OLED the best.

  16. Great video! I especially enjoyed the giggling, mumbling and the coughing! And, oh yeah, THE LIGHTS

  17. imagine how much will it cost to replace one of these if you happen to break it. 

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