BMW Security Vehicles. Training.

Deep Inside East Germany. On a former soviet military airport, BMW offers its toughest driver training. Here, drivers of BMW High Security Vehicles can develop their driving skills and push the cars to their limits.

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  1. 1:21 Very Germany

  2. yo go play a bit more GTA V okay.

  3. 3:40 – 3:41 Baloon :))

  4. pff..


  6. nice vid if this was a joke

  7. and thats why german action movies are the worst worldwide

  8. Serious voice not serious training

  9. welcome to china, try to drive in china

  10. Hello there ! I can see you are dead,but do you need any help (jk) ?

  11. これを見て私もBMWに決めました

  12. Een goede training voor elke directiechauffeur

  13. j-turn.

  14. Waste of BMW. 

  15. 1:41 Dead
    2:14 Pleanty of space left

  16. 0:02-0:10 is that a map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

  17. cars can be rigged and it’s better to have maximum buffer from the threat and scrap some paint

  18. Exactly, what if the guardrail had a bolt sticking out, its gonna be like the titanic all over again, and what if that bolt hits one of the door reinforcement bars and gets suck

  19. Zachary Quinto just rocks with his voice.

  20. och nee der schöne BMW

  21. hahaha this is comedy advert right?

  22. Lol funny actually, but interesting.

  23. This is stupid.

  24. convoi lmfao what

  25. this is parody right? 

  26. PM i will buy this bmw 5

  27. i hope for those people who are in the car that they do more serious stuff than this,
    this is simply stupid
    all cases are shallow and very unlikely to happen, anybody very well prepared will not do any of these scenarious…

  28. 2:15 Almost 100cm between the two cars. The driver could of just pass the road block without damaging his e60. Now he has to go and explain that to the insurance company.

  29. Convoy

  30. All i understood is "We don’t use toyotas"

  31. lel r u fukn srs bout dis m8

  32. Fake bullshit)))

  33. like they would show rigorous training techniques for free, be happy with the little samples they are nice enough to give us you selfish bastards how many of you even drive bimmers?

  34. I love my old e34 🙂

  35. Jesus Christ there’s a loud ass ringing in the background

  36. Do you use airsoft guns then?

  37. who the fk does a road block with BMW’s?

  38. *sees horrible accident, people are burning to death, screaming* "-Hello? Can i help you? No? I’m sorry i interrupted you, i’ll just drove away." lalz

  39. What in the actual fuck is this lmao

  40. 3:00 sono esplosioni ridicole!!! Perché non gli mettono 500 kg di tritolo, come hanno fatto con Giovanni Falcone nel 1992, vediamo se la blindatura resiste o no…

  41. Yuo can do that even with a Dacia Logan. 🙂

  42. is this a joke?

  43. Yeah, i think this is very stupid bro, look at the space, its big enough even without touching the side rail, why did he touch the side rail and broke the car 🙂

  44. I hope this is a joke; I expect more from such a legendary auto maker. This looks like the work of some bored high school rich kids.

  45. 2:16 I bet a double deck bus driver could have made that gap

  46. Subscribe my channel guys. Thanks

  47. the should come to México, i’m sure that doesn’t works here jajajajajajajaja

  48. this one of the stupidest videos ive seen in a while hahaha

  49. well he isnt gonna smash it now is he. its just for the show

  50. Why did you kill them so? It would be better presented to me one … Always dreamed of a BMW …

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