BMW Tech at CES 2015!

BMW i8, i3 and M4 with some killer new tech & concepts!

Laser headlights, man. Also, BMW i8 video coming soon too.

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over


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  1. what lens are using with the red in this video?

  2. awkward moment when BMW lets you sit in their $200,000 car and Tesla doesn’t for a $120,000 suv

  3. The future is coming

  4. Notice the Asian man at 3:42 all like "Oh, nothing big, just a car driving on its own."

  5. +Marques Brownlee you should do a video about the phunkeeduck, ever heard of it ? it looks like such an awesome transportation tech !

  6. What kind of camera was that you got out the car with?

  7. You must really like the i3 haha I’m not into these city cars.

  8. so now I don’t have to go pick my car up, my car can come pick ME up…ugh fantastic #TeamLazyūüėāūüėā

  9. Anybody know what the song is when he shows the summoning of the BMW?

  10. BMW sucks, Benz all the way

  11. Poor people be like "Money doesn’t buy happiness"¬†

  12. Jaw-dropped

  13. Sorry but the touch screens in cars is a terrible idea. ¬†Think txting and drivings bad? ¬†Think about the dumbass trying to turn his AC on with the 4 step process that it takes to do so… while merging on to a highway….

  14. I love you man.  I like to think I follow a few tech blogs/vlogs.  Your videos and what you cover, really appeal to my interests.  Thank you.  Keep up the good work and unbiased reviews.  You keep it clean and honest.  

  15. wow.

  16. The BMW’s flagship sports car is the BMW M6, not the M4

  17. I luv the inductive charging but self-parking?! This is order-made for South Beach! Get out in front of the Clevelander on Ocean Drive then send it to park itself on Washington Avenue. When you’re good and sloshed call it with your smart watch to come pick you up and drive your drunken ass home. This is what the ultimate party mobile was always meant to be. Same applies to Coconut Grove.

  18. dope tech car

  19. Imagine having the i3 pull up to a drive thru as a "ghost car". Best prank ever.

  20. It looks good great coolest cars I have ever seen in my life

  21. It probably takes a lot of electricity to charge a hybrid car.
    But won’t it take WAYYYY more electricity to wirelessly charge the car? And won’t it trip a breaker?

  22. Outro song??


  24. getting into a car..Bond..James Bond style.

  25. Looks super but Tesla S P85D is superior.

  26. Got this video as an ad lol

  27. The moment, it betrays you, and send a message to your wife telling her you’re drinking some beers with your pals.

    The moment it refuse to do anything hagaga remind me at my gf .

  28. What an amazing car, love the headlights and pick me up features

  29. Do the cars also transform and talk? 

  30. 100% ok

  31. I already sit in the i8 – its just awesome!

  32. I love BMW

  33. All future low end electric cars should be based on the i3. 

  34. super bmw uau

  35. Great Video.
    Good for BMW, but I must say Tesla cars are much more advanced. They new technology developed by BMW doesn’t even come close. Good try tho

  36. Ultimate Driving Machine.

  37. I wonder what would happen if you lay down onto one of those charging circles while it’s on.

  38. Is this sponsored?

  39. If the self-driving takes longer than me just walking up to it, then don’t bother.

  40. WoW! I am matrix

  41. What if the car is running at 50 MPH or above, will it stop on time?

  42. Incredible. So cute and artistic. Love it!

  43. iv’e only ever seen 1 BMW i8 in the wild, and i freaking love it!

  44. nice car..

  45. German good stuff!!!

  46. The BMW i3 would be DOPE in GTA V!

  47. bet dis nigga vapes lol

  48. +Lampie Ramokwena¬† i should probably get a BMW. i’d have a lot of fun with the laser head lights

  49. This is so cool!

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