BMW TwinPower Turbo and Valvetronic.

BMW Group scores with four, six and eight cylinders at the 2012 International Engine of the Year Awards. A good opportunity to have a closer look at a special BMW engine technology: BMW TwinPower Turbo and more closer the VALVETRONIC technology.

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  1. That is what they say..

  2. and the NM’s? mercedes rulez!!!

  3. vanos is the sensor timing for cam shift , valve tronic is smart technology combines the gas pedal to control the fuel and gas mixture in throttle body enhanced with 2win turbo fitted on the exhaust gates all works together , electrical pedal, throttle body exhaust turbo system !!! really i love bmw

  4. Bmw claims: m5 9.9l/100km fuel consumption= BULLSHIT ! ! !
    by the way i love BMW cars

  5. ///M Power

  6. LOL, moron.

  7. for 100 kilometers maybe? CMIIW

  8. A bundle of over engineered junk.

  9. I will love to have the BMW owners say their thoughts after 100-150k km with their cars. From what I know the valvetronis engines have problems and making them more complex would only make more problems for owners. The reliability isn’t good for german cars anyway.

  10. This is very cool valvetrain technology. Now if they could figure out how to vary valve lift on each individual cylinder, then HCCI engines could come to market. Right now Valvetronic I am almost positive just affects all intake cylinder valves at once, not on a per cylinder basis. To be able to retain a mechanical valvetrain while being able to do per cylinder valve lift, would be awesome. But they might have to go with electric solenoids instead of a mechanical valvetrain.

  11. M50B25 Non vanos, non electronic non problem 🙂

  12. Looks like an expensive repair job

  13. does the same. The system is very different

  14. the king of cars

  15. What about the cheap ELECTRIC water pump that fails and needs to be replaced on almost every BMW only after like 30k and up? unlike other cars water pump will fail after 150k-200k miles!

  16. fix the timing chain problem first, then get the awards.. yak!

  17. çok güzel teknoloji BMW çok güzel bir marka

  18. Yea it might happen it might not. A way to achieve higher fuel economy with less complexity is to use a lean burn mixture, a lean burning engine. Honda did it back in the mid 90s to mid 2000s but then they stopped because of emissions. Toyota is thinking of using a turbocharged lean burn engine in the next Prius and saying that it could achieve close to 60MPG real world. It’s just a matter of keeping the emissions down

  19. Can you make the E30 and the E34 again ? … please ?

  20. I don’t mean to shut off cylinders randomly but to slightly change the valve lift in order to get the desired compression ratio in each cylinder so that in the HCCI cycle, gas will combust at the right time without a spark plug. Sensors would tell the computer what compression ratio is needed by knowing each cylinder’s temperature and individual knock sensors and maybe others.

  21. so is the twin power turbo more or less a bi turbo engine?

  22. Cool. I’ll have the M5 please 😀

  23. ผมเสียดายที่ BMW เกาะถนนน้อย ท้ายปัด ลื่นไถลง่าย ไม่ประหยัดเชื้อเพลิง โดยเป็นรูปแบบฐานล้อหลังกว้างกว่าฐานล้อหน้าในทุกรุ่น และรุ่นที่เป็น เครื่องยนต์เบนซิน twinpowerturbo ที่ให้อัตราเร่งไม่ต่อเนื่องและไม่ประหยัดเชื้อเพลิง

  24. those are not the bmw we use to know, now they’r worse then renault

  25. ah sorry 5.2

  26. It seems that Audi and BMW are leading the way in terms of technological progress.
    I want to include Merc in there as well but I haven’t seen any rapid advancement from them. I could be wrong – anyone care to share their thoughts?

  27. Timing chain problem is OK but VALVETRONICK is the SH**t!

  28. just got a brand new 320i alphine White fully loaded love it, love the twin turbo technology love BMW engines had to see anything i can see on how they’re made, starting off with 3 series hope to move up to M5 one day!! #BimmerImfallingHard4u😍

  29. Well there is no need or desire to vary the output of individual cylinder on regular OTTO cycle engines (regular car engines like this BMW). Special engines that run leaner that stoichimetric by sometimes acting like a diesel would probably need to control each cylinder individually so the gas will ignite without a spark plug at the right time. Otherwise really bad knock could occur. Lean burn can also be done by keeping the spark plugs and not needing the fancy cylinder valves, like Honda in90s

  30. i agree. Too many parts. Will be very expensive to do maintenance after hundred thousand kilometers

  31. BMW Still has problems it still is fuel consumption heavy do to the timings not being set right the guy who supposedly invented it did not know how a valve like this should work. You should only have the valve all the way open on low rpm and high rpm should be closer to being closed then low rpm do to time to return of the spring at high rpm.

  32. pattakon variable valve lift better than BMW valvetronic

  33. 2problems 1sound killing 2BMW was always about pure power

  34. valvetronic is vanos?

  35. Why would you want to individually throttle cylinders in this way? Assuming you mean varying the amount of air for each cylinder per revolution, the result would be a very unbalanced engine, and I suspect, a very short-lived one.

  36. Every phase variator in camshaft can change the compression ratio. valvetronic do almost the same

  37. Vanos only in exhuast valve valvetrobic in both inlet and exhuast valve its been devlop since 2002 bmw 745 e65

  38. For all the aston and jagfanboys,this is what makes a car. Not some goodie 2shoes drawwing.technology my friends is future,thats why brittish cars are nor the past nor the future…

  39. I throw my money at the screen but nothing happens 🙁

  40. Yeah, so you invented a system that via throttle position variates valve timing and injection timing. Excuseme if I’m wrong, but isn’t that tha same shit as I-VTEC? Wich btw is extremley reliable and was produced about 15 years ago.

  41. Lmgtfy – ‘The combination of a high power output and a simultaneous reduction in emissions is achieved by VALVETRONIC variable valve timing and Double-Vanos variable camshaft timing.’
    So efficiency is a combination of both. Hence that implies they are not the same thing.

  42. they should put two of those twinpower turbos in their 4 cyl engines that would be kickass

  43. Lol.. Valvetronic "while others use cylinder deactivation for fuel economy, we used valvetronic to achieve 22 mpg making us the best"
    But cylinder deactivation has some vehicles achieving 27 on similar v8s? Even the engineers are full of themselves

  44. n54 engine – …..

  45. Valve lift (or ‘Valvetronic’) is BMW’s replacement for the conventional butterfly throttle and has nothing to do with compression ratios. I think you may be confusing the latter with cylinder pressure. Again, why would you want to vary the output of individual cylinders? Having different compression ratios for each cylinder will do just that.

  46. You clearly don’t know the difference between Valvetronic and VVT/VANOS. They certainly are not ‘almost the same’.

  47. The sooner Youtube introduces mandatory IQ tests, the better.

  48. my audi a3 2.0tdi 170hp quattro (2005) comsumtion is 5.5L….


  50. There’s BMW and the rest !

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