BMW USA Factory Tour

We go behind the scenes (where cameras are not allowed) in a rare factory tour of the BMW Spartanburg, South Carolina plant’s Assembly Hall for the BMW X3 and BMW X4. These BMW models are built in the USA. They are manufactured here they are distributed across the world from a port in Charleston, SC. BMW produces the X3 X4 X5 and X6 models for the entire world from this location. Even though you can’t buy a BMW X4 diesel in the United States, they are produced here.

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  1. Very nice video, it’s really impressive to see what the car all has already experienced before it is finally delivered to the customer.

  2. Awesome video and amazing factory as well! On another note, the BMW drivers here in Vegas are the absolute worst though, so everyone tends to avoid them as much as possible

  3. Good video!

  4. I pass this place 2x a day on interstate 85 I do want to visit

  5. привет!

  6. I live in the US and I am planing to place an order for the X5. However, I would prefer the amber turn signal indicators instead of the standard red sold in the USA. Is there any way I can order and get them in amber for my X5 here in the states?

  7. Great video thanks for sharing. I was just there myself

  8. awesome

  9. My 2016 X5 being built there next month, I can’t wait!!

  10. What a great video. Thanks for producing and sharing it.

  11. that car goes to China hah~

  12. На 30 минуте новую машину крутят до отсечки, феерично.

  13. Après avoir passé commande d’une X4 je n’arrête pas de regarder cette vidéo, excellent merci à vous

  14. I owned one new BMW and never again,  It came standard with steering vibration That was a factory defect impossible to fix.

  15. Has to be made in Germany or else no buy.

  16. Great behind the scenes look into the building of these great machines..

  17. 2:37 PLEASE FIRE this associate – – CLEARLY he isn’t paying attention to his job (too busy ogling at the camera)!

  18. 32:04, BAM! thats how the logo was put on LOL

  19. Me gustó muchísimo el vídeo y realmente quiero agradecerles por grabar este vídeo de fe en Kew tu vídeo

  20. X 5 seher gut jop senter nicht gut☺☺

  21. I would still prefer to buy BMWs made in Germany

  22. i really enjoyed this video

  23. Amazing video! Awesome!

  24. When i buy a BMW i wanna know it’s made in Germany by germans. If i wanted an American car i’d bought a Ford

  25. ohh at the beginning i thought that the man speaking was Lionel Messi


  27. at 12:50 the Chinese "Auditors" , BS they are just there to steal manufacturing info. I would toss them to the curb!!!

  28. Wood is not better on the feet.

  29. "BMW don’t do FWD" He’s on the ball then. WOW

  30. I love working here. deliver parts to the line. it’s not glamorous, but it pays well and hopefully I can transfer so I can get hired on to bmw full time

  31. What a fantastic experience to watch this video since I can’t do the tour in person. I’m a 2-time BMW owner. Thank you so much. Lets bring back more manufacturing to America.

  32. Love my 2014 BMW X3. Bought it brand new

  33. Union Auto Workers are jealous of this video.

  34. Where are BMWs for the UK produced?

  35. My x3 was built here!Tks for video!

  36. Fascinating tour. Thanks.

  37. That means I am not buying a car made in Germany. Then they should sell it cheaper since it is not imported.


  39. Germany and USA

    Friend for ever.

  40. Great look at the factory. How about showing a delivery in the performance center?

  41. They building my 2018 4series M sport now, can’t wait until 6 more weeks! lol

  42. my x5 was built there…. awesome video! thanks for sharing!!

  43. Very informative!

  44. How do they put in the new car smell? Been wondering this my whole life

  45. I thought the X3 was built in Mexico?

  46. Great video!

  47. I loved it👍

  48. Wow It is really impressive how BMW think about everything. Amazing.

  49. So are the X5 M and X6 M built here too?

  50. at 10:15   "PRC" People´s Republic of China

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