BMW Vision EfficientDynamics. Part1

The new BMW Vision EfficientDynamics combines superb driving performance with extremely low consumption. A hybrid drive system and a revolutionary design are among the highlights. The film reveals how a sustainable, but enjoyable future BMW will look like.

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  1. when will this vision hit the road

  2. this look like bugatti lil brother

  3. all looks

  4. I8 ?

  5. wow……….

  6. LMAO!!!

  7. green screen

  8. I hate BMW

  9. Yesss biringnig back REAL DESIGN to cars

  10. like a formula one car?

  11. lol

  12. I didn’t hear anything regarding safety?

  13. das ist mal ein geileres deutsches Auto !

  14. Ame el auto encima los likes [1997] es el año que naci, que coincidencia :3

  15. Possible to Buy?

  16. love the blue neon

  17. Leonardo Dicaprio could have so played the part of the host

  18. LED hinterm Grill,
    LED in den Flügeln
    LED unterboden – Leider geil!

  19. looks like a future car

  20. It’s awesome… Simble as that

  21. espectacular!

  22. i’m getting this car if it costs under £100,000

  23. an richer car only for the rich people again lol ill take it their do not look around before making stuff none of them do if every one works as one boy the stuff we would have by now but noo lol just like ps3 and xbox all that stuff the car called car skateboard so u can design your own body for your own car lol and that’s all power boy lol and even space program’s are so bad today age we should be so much better but we not lol lol this is an vido that make about 10 years ago lol no 2009 lol

  24. nope, look at the date.

  25. its like the prius’s sexy older sister

  26. @rafacrazyboy just seen the movie love it


  28. sexy…. looks like something out of Tron

  29. and the future is now…

  30. They think a lot about sustainablility, but they did not think of money

  31. I bought a replica for 28,000$, w/ Audi R8 Suspension, Does that not tell ya something?

  32. Get mad

  33. whats this, the year 2050?

  34. gooooooooooood

  35. they made good on their promise!

  36. Oh Jesus! the Devil of the Concepts!!

  37. thats ok champ. jesus died for americas sins so ill be ok 🙂

  38. You managed to make an anti US comment on a random video about a BMW. Shut up for once and quit blaming others.

  39. $122800

  40. 200,000

  41. my parents are gonna get me this car when i graduate from high school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  42. holy fcking shit that looks futuristic it looks to soon :O

  43. I can’t wait for this car to hit the roads all over the world. i want one sssoooo bad!!!

  44. sexy whip man..

  45. Penis says yes, wallet says no!

  46. @bmw I HATE FUTURE CARS GO OUT!!!! 2840’s Years.

  47. Magic BMW!

  48. @brianluk2006 ur kidding right? its a BMW. why would they think about money?

  49. Ohhhhh da geh einem einer ab ey xD

  50. honestly it looks like the most awesome car ever

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