BMW Vision Self Driving Car World Premiere 2016 New BMW Vision Concept Commercial BMW Vision CARJAM

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BMW VISION NEXT 100: A vehicle for future mobility. BMW Self Driving Car
From driver to “Ultimate Driver” – through digital intelligence.
“Alive Geometry” enables intuitive driver-vehicle interaction.
“Boost” and “Ease” driving modes enable driver- or vehicle-controlled operation.
“Companion”: The intelligent digital partner connects driver and car.
Trademark BMW exterior.
BMW Self Driving Car Materials of the future.
From driver to Ultimate Driver – BMW Self Driving Car through digital intelligence.

In the future, BMW drivers will still want to spend most of the time they are in their car at the wheel. In the BMW VISION NEXT 100 BMW Self Driving Car, the driver will remain firmly in the focus, with constant connectivity, digital intelligence and state-of-the-art technologies available for support. But that’s not all: the BMW VISION NEXT 100 will turn the driver into the Ultimate Driver. So even though the world may well be changing, Sheer Driving Pleasure is here to stay – and will be more intense than ever before even in the BMW Self Driving Car.
In designing the BMW VISION NEXT 100, the starting point was the interior of the BMW Self Driving Car. In the years ahead, the driver’s wellbeing will become increasingly important, and rather than merely feeling they are in a machine that drives itself, they should sense that they are sitting in one that was specifically designed for them. This idea gave rise to an architecture in which the BMW Self Driving Car cab seems particularly spacious compared with the overall size of the vehicle while retaining the typical exterior lines of a BMW. Despite its domed BMW Self Driving Car interior, the BMW VISION NEXT 100 retains the instantly recognisable athletic silhouette of a BMW saloon.

The design of the BMW Self Driving Car interior permits various modes of operation: Boost mode, in which the driver is at the controls, and Ease mode, in which the driver can sit back and let the BMW Self Driving Car take over. In Ease, the BMW Self Driving Car becomes a place of retreat with plenty of space, agreeable lighting and a comfortable atmosphere. In Boost, the driver takes over and benefits from the subtle and intuitive support offered by the vehicle. All the time, the BMW Self Driving Car is learning more and more about the person at the wheel, thanks to its sensory and digital intelligence, which the BMW Group calls the Companion. The BMW Self Driving Car Companion progressively learns to offer the right kind of support to transform the driver into the Ultimate Driver.
A very important element of the Vision BMW Self Driving Car is another innovation known as Alive Geometry, the likes of which have never before been seen in a car. It consists of a kind of three-dimensional sculpture that works both inside and outside the vehicle.
An autonomous car, also known as a driverless car, self-driving car and robotic car, is an automated or autonomous vehicle capable of fulfilling the main transportation capabilities of a traditional car. As an autonomous vehicle / Self Driving Car, it is capable of sensing its environment and navigating without human input. Robotic cars exist mainly as prototypes and demonstration systems.

Self Driving Cars / Autonomous vehicles sense their surroundings with such techniques as radar, lidar, GPS, and computer vision. Advanced control systems interpret sensory information to identify appropriate navigation paths, as well as obstacles and relevant signage.[6][7] By definition, autonomous vehicles are capable of updating their maps based on sensory input, allowing the vehicles to keep track of their position.

Some demonstrative systems, precursory to autonomous cars, date back to the 1920s and 30s. The first self-sufficient (and therefore, truly autonomous) cars appeared in the 1980s, with Carnegie Mellon University’s Navlab and ALV projects in 1984 and Mercedes-Benz and Bundeswehr University Munich’s EUREKA Prometheus Project in 1987. Since then, numerous major companies and research organizations have developed working prototype autonomous vehicles.

Development of fully autonomous vehicles is well underway
1 in 3 UK motorists would already consider buying an self driving car
Bosch can supply all the required components for autonomous vehicles

Bosch already provides high-performance assistance systems, including Adaptive Cruise Control and Predictive Emergency Braking System. BMW Vision Future Luxury / BMW Vision Next 100 / BMW vision future luxury concept car / BMW vision Gran Turismo / BMW vision concept

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  1. I robot anyone lol

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  3. can you imagine having software bugs inside this shit? like going in autopilot mode, slight lag appears, whoops 5 schoolchildren and a dog ran over – sorry, next free update will have that bug fixed I guess.

    we can’t even get a goddamn pc operating system running purrfect all the time, let alone a 2 ton metal soapbox moving at high speed lol

  4. hmmm…this means we could not see car crash compilations in future! haha

  5. Hello ! Your video is very useful.
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