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  1. BMW i8

  2. Incredible machine bet it cost a bit though. I guess if you have the money and you want to stand out, this will do it…

  3. Ok ok goooood car

  4. Spongebob, "Welcome to the future."

  5. Жорик Ревазов а ну ка затести для нас))

  6. every year our world will change .either we like it or not !

  7. Wow when I turn 16 this would be better than getting a trip to Europe or around the world this is just amazing but is this car electric?

  8. I’d hate to drive that car with the sun in my face.

  9. That is not the vision it is the i8

  10. I can see this car being built 10 years down the road.

  11. 5 years later it finally out

  12. I like this car😀😀😀😀

  13. thts just an i8

  14. Shut up and take my money.

  15. Thiết kế ấn tượng thật

  16. actually it’s not BMW vision. It’s a BMW I8

  17. Me lo compro ,ala otro coque más para mi parkin

  18. Very-very fucking car!!! I want you baby… 

  19. This is true today 🙂

  20. beautiful

  21. the most amazing car you’ll never have.

  22. Impressive design. Can it warp?

  23. such advanced car still he cant fly

  24. is a perfwct car

  25. best car is bmw

  26. SUPER!

  27. i8이네

  28. Germans and their drama

  29. So sweet……

  30. must be red-black
    made ın germany. respect.

  31. WTF .. I want ONE … !

  32. BMW I8

  33. now it’s became reality. its i8!!

  34. Super Super Super Super Super Super Super

  35. i want one ssssoooooo bad!

  36. Dream car 🚘

  37. Like the i8

  38. very cool car

  39. I… wouldn’t want the windows to go below my chest.
    Lots of reasons why.

  40. Wunderbar!!!!!!

  41. Аватария вместе с CАТАНОЙ

    Прикольная. Но и BMW I8 не хуже.

  42. 2019 bmw i8.

  43. Just make it affordable for the general public……

  44. Cars like this one and Tesla’s ones are the future of the automotive industry…

  45. so white suits are a thing of the future?

  46. whats the music in the video?

  47. we are in the future


  49. i8

  50. now everyone can see you text and drive

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