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  1. bmw comercial test you can see it on the balance…

  2. fake Audi are best

  3. 運転者が下手くそすぎだろ

  4. el imbezil que ha hecho este video no se lo cree ni el.

  5. for a real off road get toyota jeep nissan mitsubishi
    i prefere toyota cose hase a v8 diesel engine lote of torque!

  6. Esta trucado tramposos de bmw

  7. BMW X5 XDrive Msport 3L is the best

  8. Als Mercedes G Fahrer finde ich solche Videos immer irgendwie putzig. Wenn die kleinen Barbie-Krablbler irgendwelche pseudo Hindernisse überwinden :-D…

  9. Get a Jeep.

  10. If it was interdependent i’d be a believer in the differences, BMW promo, hell no

  11. Bana inandırıcı gelmedi bu test!Audi Q5’in quattro çok,arkadan itişli (suv)modelini getirmişler sanki.Gerçi bmw (test drive) daha iyi bilir bu konuyu?….


  13. Das ist ja X3 ist viel besser dann audivolkswagen.

  14. This is so messed up why do u lower the angle when X3 comes, you stupid ass cheater

  15. Skillnad på skit o pannkaka…

  16. типичная антиреклама Ауди, постановка )
    автору неудачи на дорогах

  17. BMW is just the best. Sorry losers!

  18. Würdet ihr Hirnis euer Fanboy gelaber mal sein lassen und euch auf technische Fakten beziehen wüsstet ihr das das Video real ist. Aus dem simplen Grund, dass der mechanische Allrad bei Audi nicht zieht sobald zwei Räder einer Achse ohne wiederstand (hier auf den Rollen) durchdrehen das ist Fakt! Gibt dazu genügend Berichte auch auf Motortalk etc.

  19. Audi > BMW all day, any day. 👌🏿

  20. Il ont pas pris le bon q5 fallais prendre le sq5 car la je sais pas se qu’il a branler mais on aurai dit qu’il était meme Pas Quattro

  21. wtf.. I can do this in a Nissan Tiida.. fake asf

  22. Audi fans says: its photoshot

  23. Quattro ! bmw hahaha

  24. fake and already busted

  25. oh, strange, a BMW wins on an BMW show? strange… how this could happen?!
    If she just would let the wheels spin for a moment more long, the audi also would manage it easily, quattro takes 2-3 spins until complete transfer of the distribution of the load.

  26. idiot woman …

  27. That is bullshit. Quatro has been disabled because system nevybrzdoval rear wheels. dastardly trick by BMW (it locked diferencial) while qatro has a smart power all 4

  28. nearly all of these AWD comparison videos are rigged in favor of the brand they are trying to promote. sadly i would say just from personal experience 99% of people think they know how AWD works, but really don’t fully understand it. then you get brand wars started and spread ignorance as a result. so this is how it works. there are mechanical viscous coupling units, and electronic coupling units. both work the same way but electronic units require sensor input before it reacts. viscous coupling units use gear oil in a clutch pack differential much like a clutch pack limited slip differential, just no ring and pinion gears. so when the wheels up front slip, they lock the driveshaft to the transmission and rotate all the wheels at the same speed. electronic units are FWD until locked together by a solenoid in the transmission but still allows for slip with clutch packs. every video compares vehicles with the same or similar AWD systems. the only difference is they turn off traction control in the vehicle they are trying to promote and leave it on in the others that are competition. traction control cuts fuel to the engine obviously resulting in a power loss and less rotation at the wheels. if the front wheels slip and can’t rotate fast enough, the coupling unit can never lock. notice in every video demonstrating this they start to move forward on the rollers and then traction control kicks and they start rocking back and forth. even though each vehicle would climb the ramp and rollers if traction control was off, these videos use these tricks to sway your opinion in favor of the brand they are promoting. the Audi Quattro system is the best AWD system you can buy for the money, and it would still fail to climb the ramp if the traction control is on. don’t believe everything you see on the internet.

  29. Can someone explain how BMW rigged this test? Why would switching off ESP keep the Torsen center diff form sending power to both axles? Torsen is purely mechanical, no electronics. If the rear wheels spin, the front axle gets power. With ESP off at least one front wheel will turn. It did not do that. Why not?

  30. fake

  31. Mercedes GLK350 is better than both the BMW X3 and the Audi Q5. Hands down.

  32. tell that stupid bitch just keep hitting the gas that Q5 would easily go through the ramp.

  33. voll die Verarschung beim BMW hat man die Rollen einfach festgestellt und beim Audi war quattro ausgeschaltet quattro ist tausendmal besser als X-Drive 😉

  34. ahhahaahhhahaah

  35. that’s why audi quattro has two wrc and bmw xdrive none

  36. if you once drive audi Q5 yourself ,then you will konw that this is bmw sponsored video.

  37. unblock the handbrake

  38. i think it´s hilarious that the q5 is spinning on those wheel while the x3 it looks like the those wheel on the ramp has been tightened.

  39. Хуйня, а не тест ! В тестах ауди бнв говно в тестах бнв ауди говно ! По факту оба привода ахуенные ! Прокладка решает !

  40. She lets off the throttle right as the clutch pack almost kicks in to help…

  41. quattro is better. Anybody that has driven both, can tell you.

  42. She is a really poor driver…

  43. FYCK YOU

  44. BMW has primary rear drive, and front wheels switched when needed. Audi the opposite – hence the results in this case.

  45. I want to see the tires on both cars. I had E60m5 with Blizzak that was worn and was new. Its night and day difference.

  46. rlly

  47. bs

  48. тупая баба просто за рулём

  49. turn ecs back on what a fake test

  50. cal me 00923005306684

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