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BMW X5 SUV 2013 review: http://bit.ly/17a65Av
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“The BMW X5 might not be the best looking 4×4, but it’s still an excellent seven-seat SUV.”

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  1. subscribed…. can you do the dodge derango and toyota fortuner

  2. Looks like a fucking tank…

  3. there is no such thing as synthetic sound in the speakers, thats the normal bmw 5.0 engine sound.

  4. The exterior looks like they took the old one and tried to give it plastic surgery

  5. I like the X5, but the split tailgate is a problem. Dogs don’t want to jump on it: 1) it could break it and 2) it is slippery. LOL.

  6. Why the letters on the back are so big and bold? ugly

  7. For some reason, every new X5 looks dated the day it comes out. Like it’s 2-3 generations behind every other brand. Never liked the design. Only talking about looks here, I’m sure it runs great, though.

  8. the 150% car tax in denmark is ridicules. the bmw X5 start at 98.435.07 pounds in denmark!

  9. Ugly looking. Fake engine noise through the speakers? Lowest rating for reliability? No decent off road capability? The X5 is shit !

  10. Traded in a 2013 Range Rover Vogue for this car. The best SUV I’ve ever owned

  11. Did he really say tri-turbo? How would that work?

  12. Don’t know if it’s just me but I think the X5 looks so graceful and aggressive, especially the front

  13. Damn! English roads are freaking narrow

  14. 7 seater?

  15. Its a Bmw.. so i’ll take it, now i have to find some money.. a lot if it !

  16. I’m stuck. Which one and why? X5 3 40d or Range Rover Sport? Both would need to be used or used approved and around £20-25k.

  17. well done

  18. good luck driving on snow and ice.

  19. Clear realm studio constitutional effect paint ring.

  20. Does it come in a manual

  21. I just love my X5. The way it looks and drives.

  22. Audi is way better than bmw the engines in the audi faster fuel efficient and sporty especially the brand new audi q7 2015 model.

  23. Might be getting 1 soon

  24. I like BMW and all, but the fake engine sound through the speakers is stupid.

  25. Is a non-threatening working class accent a requirement to be a presenter on this channel?

  26. which has better rear seats & rear space ? X5 or ML ?

  27. I like the original engine sound without the speakers

  28. Is it just me or that "diesel clatter" sounded sooo good?

  29. not sure on that rear end! hmmm nice interior tho

  30. mat you were too young back then

  31. it looks lkke. hooray for ^ou. rifle earn what’s your opinion about that, juys 11

  32. Amazing car
    Getting our armed officers on scene on this upsetting day

  33. The extras in the video cost as much as the base car itself, pretty stupid really.

  34. this guy clearly doesn’t like this car

  35. Hey Mat! Nice review u got there! Very informative as always! Oh and btw I did a review of the X5 and I was wondering if you could give me ur advice on my review! Thanks in advance and great continuation.

  36. It makes me laugh that the guy always goes on about engine noise yet the folk who drive these cars all love the noise of the engines in their chosen cars.
    Leave manufacturer expectations behind and listen to the drivers.

  37. Do X6 2015 please

  38. This guy is soooooooo handsome 😍

  39. Looks so fucking ugly on the outside, then amazing on the inside. cant get past the exterior looks tho, could never buy this car

  40. Thank You for the presentation. I liked your presentation and also I saw that There are many useful specialities of this BMW X5 SUV.

  41. good car

  42. New Jag F Pace is better looking.

  43. my dream car . thanks for this video

  44. He said the "previous model" ranked lowest in reliability in a 2013 driver satisfaction survey. Which model is that? 2006 and before, or 2007-2010ish?

  45. You know that,s my car. So you. Stealed. My. Car😒😡😠

  46. You must like oranges

  47. Like the bmw x5

  48. but.. but.. I want this to be my first car :/

  49. you should of cleaned it? Just because you’re not fond of the way it looks it doesn’t mean everyone else thinks the same? Remember, thats your opinion. I love the way this generation of the X5 looks!

  50. Do all new bmw’s have the ASD? is it stock? because its stupid… please answer!

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