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  1. both stock?

  2. Give your paint a good polish and waxing.. It kinda needs it bad

  3. Cayenne 0-100 7.6sec, S 5.5sec, S E-hybird 5.9sec, GTS 5.1sec, Turbo 4.5sec, Turbo S 4.1sec.
    X6 0-100 xDrive28i 7.4sec, xDrive35i 6.4sec, hybird 5.6sec,xDrive50i 4.8sec,X6M 4.2sec.
    Cayenne start from $67,400 to $178,100(canada price).
    X6 start from $69,400 to 108,200.

    Porsche stands for individuality, Cayenne continuation the Porsche DNA. Any car of Porsche is irreplaceable, Also Bentley Bentayga inferior to Cayenne (Porsche responded to Bentley, at 2017 update will "kill" Bentayga). The reason why is because personalized matching in Cayenne, The dashboard colors optional (red, white, beige, including the optional sport chorno), the optional interior grip materials (leather, wood, carbon fiber), steering wheel(leather, wood, carbon fiber, Alcantara), seat belt (gray, red, beige, brown), Audio system(Bose, Burmester), seat color option (such as red seat while the middle is green, and other colors), Air vents colors optional,17 kinds of personality hub optional, and other personality matching and performance matching.
    There is no car do personalization better than Porsche.

  4. Test drove the cayenne turbo and then the x5m. The x5m was faster but felt heavier.  Every cayenne turbo I test drove just felt slower. Also drove a ML63 and that was fast! similar to the x5m.

  5. What would be the point of doing a drag race comparison when the Porsche is down on power by 50 hp ? Get the Cayenne Turbo S next time, then it will be interesting !!

  6. try with new ml63 amg with performance pack and you see magic ) 557 horse power

  7. +Miguel Acha yes, both are stock

  8. Это нихера не Мка…настоящая Мка этот Джити -немецкий жигуль дрючит и в хвост и в гриву. а тут они в ровень идут…сто пудово не настоящая М…бл@ть буду сто пудов!!! я на 535 это джити новый обьезжал в легкую а тут М уйти не может от него….брехняяя!!!!)))))

  9. Bmw rulez

  10. the cayenne is still ugly as fuck

  11. Всосал от бумера (2)

  12. Porsche is way better that the bmw. Seen reviews of the 2011 cayenne turbo getting 12.4 quarter mile which is just crazy for 5 years ago. The S is even faster. 2015 x5m does 12.3 quarter so they’re pretty evenly matched on drag strip, not so much on track, porsche kills the bmw

  13. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏

  14. Poor cayenne 🙁

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