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  1. с моторолы снимали, качество хреновое

  2. No you fuckin idiots the turbo engine of BMW is mutch stronger and more powerful
    Than the engine of Porsche i saw much videos

  3. all those people that can’t stand that bmw’s are faster. 😀

  4. LMFAO! the x6m doesn’t use a 5.0 V10 engine…. You stupid? Its still the 4.4L V8. Its a more potent version of the 5.0i, which uses also a 4.4L V8, but its not tuned by the M performance division and doesnt have CCM. That’s why the X6m has 550 HP and the 5.0i only has 385 HP… Don’t talk shit about another car because you like porsche, but don’t know shit bout BMW. If i were going to buy a Porsche, it sure as hell wouldn’t be a Cayenne. Who buys porsche SUV’s???? LMAO

  5. fake and gay. that posrche is the v6 290 bhp.

  6. Another fact is that they aren’t called 3.5 and 5.0 at all. They are called 35i, 50i, 30d, 35d and 40d.

  7. da quality dou

  8. i think porsche is more exclusivist than bmw…

  9. that cayenne was not a trubo look at the grill you can tell

  10. lame.

  11. BMW suck big timeeeeeee PORSCHE rule …….

  12. @mightymontjeu it said turbo in the description downer.

  13. u cant mess a porsche with a bmw…2 different!!

  14. háhá alap hogy a bmw a gyorsabb

  15. @hiphopuithethart ill have to agree with you on that one. and yeah its true cayenne is pretty ugly, when i lived in singapore for my dads work we had a cayenne S. was alright, but yeah they are ugly hahaha

  16. It would help if the Porsche drivers releases the brake pedal. See the braking lights at the Porsches rear.



  18. BMW is King……love all models of BMW

  19. you suck…. I have Bmw x6, and ill kill your ugly looking porsche turbo. Porsche ain’t about their SUV’s… If you gonna buy a porsche, why get their crappy SUV?

  20. @agamil maybe the porsche had a stupid driver :))

  21. @achiko88 not x6M

  22. @Gompop can you tell me a Porsche that matches the 1 series hatchback?
    or the 7 series?
    or a porsche that can tow a caravan, but not an SUV is?
    or a porsche with a green label?

    let’s face it, BMW are so much, better and more practical.
    true, porsches are most of the time faster. but look at the cayenne, did you ever saw a uglyer nose than that car? xd

  23. клас

  24. a the so called 3.5 x6 is a 3.0 inline 6 with twin turbo n the x6 5.0 n a 4.4 v8 get the facts right if your going 2 down talk BMW

  25. el bmv sale muy rapido pero depues se le jodio

  26. What a shitty ass camera.

  27. this is a BMW X6 5.0i and a Cayenne GTS….
    the Cayenne Turbo will smoke every X5 or X6…

  28. im sorry but that is not a cayenne turbo … it is the v6 with turbo kit

  29. no red brakes , not turbo . i have turbo , 3.5 – 5.0 litre bmw x5,x6 sucks .

  30. @sssmmms Oh, they will? How about the X6M?

  31. This is bmw x6 m

  32. @LordMaxJa apsolutly period!

  33. definitely not a cayenne turbo. if it were though, and that x6 35i were an x6 m, the x6 would rape the porsche, and stop comparing porsche to bmw.. they are two very different manufacturers.

  34. @hiphopuithethart can you tell me a BMW that matches a carrera GT?

  35. lol look at the left more SUVs….haha

  36. андрюш ты психххххххххх
    улични гоньшик

  37. shauhsuas

  38. @mightymontjeu x6m doesn even have a chance against cayenne turbo? lol u serious eh?

  39. 3.5L in bmw doesn’t exist. The 35i means Bmw’s 3.0L biturbo

  40. Cayenne Turbo’s are decent.. something like around 5 seconds to 60 and 13’s with 104 in the quarter. Like I said, decent but a little behind the curve for today. If I was a Porsche owner I wouldn’t be insulted though.. just go buy a 2011 Panamera Turbo and that should settle just about any argument that comes your way…in your favor.

  41. @bacardibreezer001

    ehm they have 3.5 …that’s why they call the series like 335i or x6 3.5i etc.

  42. the cayenne is definatly a turbo,trust me i know my cayennes,also ppl forget that that bmw is twin turbo so with just a chip it will have same power as porshe but also much lighter then the cayenne,so all in all the result is believable…

  43. @mightymontjeu I sure hope you put that "m" after x6 by mistake,you couldn’t be that retarded. I hate the x6,even more the x6m because of it’s lack of purpose, but the cayenne turbo can never compete against an x6m. check …anywhere.

  44. @mightymontjeu that´s funny…considering X6 M IS FASTER then the Cayenne Turbo!

  45. expensive cars, cheap video resolutions…..

  46. bullshit. its base cayenne
    turbo will smoke any x6

  47. this was sorta obvious win

  48. 00:37 <————-REPLAY BUTOON

  49. blanc est fort

  50. @charlesr55 maybe it’s the turboDIESEL:)

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