BMW X6 – HULK – Rene Turrek

The XCLUSIVCARS Project is done
” the incredible Hulk ”

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  1. Very cool paintwork, but what an awful car to put it on.

  2. you mortals how?

  3. Ich kenne diese lack art weiss wie das gemacht worden ist .

  4. Amazing 😮

  5. Music cred?

  6. I have the plate for that car 😉

  7. я вот не пойму он всегда будет с жидким азотом ездить?

  8. This would work in Arizona on a hot rainy summer day….

  9. please give me music

  10. I’d be more worried about accidentally burning yourself or the windows exploding on a cold morning.
    Remember guys, Thermal Stress is a serious bitch.

  11. Wir sind Hersteller davon

  12. no point if the rain is cold. you have to go out of your car and pour hot water every time you want people to see the paint job.

  13. Incrível… O difícil será achar uma chuva de água quente…

  14. Cool if I’m driving into hot lava lol

  15. I have the number plate to match on my BMW… H5ULK 😉

  16. can anyone tell me what remix is this track?

  17. Its thermal paint. Alot of custom shops that do candy, marble & chameleon paint jobs have it. Just not popular.

  18. wtf ?

  19. wow cool.

  20. It would be great if the car wasn’t so shitty.

  21. I feel sorry for the poor dumbass that buys this shitwagon after these guys are done with it.

  22. How can I get this done?

  23. Вот это да!

  24. In my country rains hot water everyday, good invention bro, good invention

  25. Can I help you to wash the car?w

  26. I am just sad for x6…

  27. Super awesome for the apocalypse, Your car will look great in the boiling rain.

  28. *pees on it*

  29. See basicly you will only see the Hulk thing when you’re in the carwash… Its cool and awesome but such a waste.

  30. we have this effect paints and other too

  31. Ledinis BMW. Naujo neipirksim, reik palauk, kol vokieciu kunigas ja pasivazines tik sekmadieniais i misias, gal tada autopliuse surasim po š metu kokiu.

  32. läuft bei galileo

  33. this Video come from germany

  34. Cool idea but it doesn’t even rain in my part of California.

  35. such a pointless car smh -___-

  36. when you want to impress a girl with this, please remember to bring a bottle of hot water along

  37. This is a car paint? Will special foil sticking?

  38. termolack gibt’s bei ebay und co. Was hat der Typ Kur mit seinem geheimnis

  39. Amazing!

  40. Useless… dont forget to bring your hot water with you to show your paint job.

  41. Insano.

  42. 日本だと、隠れ痛車だなぁ。

  43. Seems cool, but who the hell wants to pay about $2,000 for the paint job only to sit in the kitchen for 2 hours boiling enough water to show it for only a few minutes then it goes back to the original color.

  44. THATS CRAP FOR ME !!!!!

  45. This is very cool but when will boiling water be falling from the sky? And you see how short the hulk shows up for once you pore hot water all over it. Great idea but I can not see this ever being useful without a bucket of boiling water on hand.

  46. Can you post a recent video of this? How is the thermochromic pigments holding up against UV from the sun?

  47. music ??

  48. omg how is he do this thing its f************* awesome

  49. Хрень…

  50. Hot water… well… pointless I guess. It would be great if normal water will do. That aside… why BMW and why HULK? Hmm…

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