BMW Z4 GT3 – Car Assembly HD Time Lapse

This is the documentation video of a BMW Z4 GT3 being assembled. The car arrived from the manufacturer to our workshop in pieces and it took us 600 hours to put everything together..

Music: Mindthings – Sounds From The Past

More info about the car: http://www.bmw-motorsport.com/ms_en/cars/bmw_z4_gt3

The race team:

Video made by:

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  2. i cry for this build. z4 gt3 is so beautiful. i want to build one >:’D

  3. Interesting thing about z4s. First gen z4 was a roadster with a folding cloth roof. Later bmw came out with a hardtop coupe version. Second gen z4 street cars all had folding metal roofs. The racing version of 2nd gen z4 had a permanent metal roof welded on.

  4. nice

  5. how cleaned is this place??? i love it!!!

  6. guys, question: wouldn’t machine or robotic assembly be more precise than human assembly? why do they use human resources when they can use machine to conduct mass production? or this is just a designing process?

  7. dear santa!

  8. So great car !!!

  9. These gt3 z4’s have the weirdest most sexy v8 sound ever…I can’t explain the weird sound they make.

  10. wow! so cool

  11. It’s like one giant sexy air fix

  12. if i knew how….i would take much pleasure assembling a car like this rather than driving it.

  13. beautiful

  14. 3:20 oh shit!!!!!!!!!I forgot a screw!

  15. @ztunelover I know this just as well as anybody else. I’ve grown up around working on cars and my uncle owns makes Sprint Car chasis for a living, so i’ve got connections to people who could help me. But i’m not expecting to get this done in under 2 years, i know its going to take me a long time and alot of money. I’m planning on building the 2001 BMW M3 GT2 car. And i already know (as an artist) that i’m going to have to sculpt and mold and make the body kit personally out of fiberglass lol

  16. First time to see a "clean" racecar without sponsor’s stickers

  17. Enjoyed this video, thumbs up. Cheers from sunny Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

  18. @jjhoops023 If you must ask you can’t afford it. 150ish? Plus meticulous maintenance.

  19. This is so Amazing!

  20. Amazing

  21. @jjhoops023 A gt2 looking m3 you can do for less, but a properly competetive gt2 race car? You want to come close to double that.


  23. @jjhoops023 still a crap ton, trust me its worth it to buy from them. You know if you want to just make the roll cage its probably gonna set you back 2g in good quality tubes, but theres a lot more than roll cages in a gt3 car, trust me I had my own hopes of making my 240sx a gt4 car, but when you see the amount of work and expense that goes into making a proper race car, you better hope you have had many many years of training plus some in shop training on that specific car.

  24. @jjhoops023 GT2 and fiberglass? Step up son carbon fiber is here. And if you grew up working around these kinds of cars you should know the expense better than me.

  25. さたはあなをやたなちは

  26. is this car street legal? are those kits for sell?

  27. Got excited when I saw that big Vorshlag box appear.

  28. @ 1:45 why does the steering knuckle look so odd on this car? What function does that funny looking Steering knuckle serve, or does anyone at least know the name of that special assembly so I can look it up on Wikipedia?

  29. whats the initial shell made out of ?

  30. white power !!!

  31. Give me one. And i will put all parts alone!

  32. Unique!

  33. Was it 600 hours total (everyones time combined) or 600hours in length?

  34. Add a build for a Hennessy Vernon Gt.

  35. @watcbd the car runs centre-locking wheels, so the bearing are in the hub like a rear upright, not on the stub axle.

  36. The white frame looks like one of those snap together models. If this had been tilt-shifted, I would have believed it was.

  37. nice

  38. amazing

  39. one man’s work? he would be sad if the car was crashed..

  40. BMW Z4 GT3 rocks. Awesome technology.

  41. Can you guys make a vid of and M3 GTR E46 being built?

  42. like

  43. how much does it cost to race? got a million dollars to burn? there is an old saying that if you want to turn a large fortune into a small one, go racing.

  44. @ztunelover If i could make a carbon fiber peice myself. i would, but sadly it doesnt work that way. Fiberglass on the other hand is fairly easy to make yourself once you have a proper mold for it. And i tried to come up with a cost in parts once, but i must have dreaming because theres no way that the parts would only cost me $75,000

  45. …AAANNNDDD He’s OUT, trying to get the best time for qualification, WHAT UG OH..He lost it in the first corner…..OOHHHH!!!!!! he hit that Gurd rail HARD….He is flipping end over end….that is a devistating crash, I hope the guy that just put in over 100 hours working on that car isn’t watching this.

  46. @ztunelover i only mean cost in parts and modifications i wouldnt be able to do myself (like installing a rollcage) I’m looking to do the labour myself

  47. @pucksaver95 that would SUCK! lol

  48. This is what you get when you order a GT3 spec Z4 from the "Car in White" program. Some assembly required. 🙂 If you have the team and the time it’s usually cheaper to build it yourself than have the factory assemble it for you.

  49. AmAzInG

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