BMW’s all-knowing, all-talking, all-driving car – CES 2017

Personal CoPilot – Integrating Microsoft Cortana for connected voice services, the ability to find out geographical information with a gesture, and self-driving capability, BMW imagines the near future of riding in cars.

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  1. Wow did someone say Cortana, Nice!

  2. Hand gestures are utterly stupid. What about those people that use their hands to talk, wow, I couldn’t imagine what that system would do!! LOL

  3. it is good for somebody cannot drive

  4. I like the Cortana integration

  5. not a fan of cortana, on the xbox at least it seems very unintelligent.

  6. Clean your damn camera lens for crying out loud

  7. If it were any smarter it will write a book and it make Odyssey look like he wrote on crayons

  8. can it also give you a slippery lap dance?

  9. Encouraging you to read more details while the car isn’t "officially" driving for you is more dangerous than a Tesla w/ AutoPilot.

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