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  1. Just a marketing video.

  2. imagine a virus is attacking your glass
    and u destroy your car

  3. That only happens when the glasses doesn’t know the next step…

  4. @sandnigger01 they can still sell that bad-ass tools kit and if it works only on that car, it would be profitable… hate them already muahahaha

  5. @zaperatus in augmented reality it allways show the 3d object in front of everything else, the other way around would be much harder to make, so i dont see a reason why this would be fake

  6. Is this real? The concept is genius. It’d be stupid for someone not to market an idea as good as this.

  7. @Xadreos yeah it is, I’m going to school for BMW and the tech I work with went to germany and saw/used it first hand and said it’s amazing. you could literally pull someone off the street and give them a pair and they could work on the car

  8. Smash engine with hammer *shows animation*

  9. May be a marketing video but I understand Epson and scope AR already have a working version. See Epson Moverio channel on you tube for this

  10. so every one can do this if buy the glasses

  11. rather watch this video then buy the glasses

  12. they would b nice for ppl driving on the road and on the side having your speed and information about your vehicle. It would also be nice if it was implemented on a motorcycle helmet as well

  13. Is it possible to build a augmented "Matrix-world" with AR technology?

  14. well it wont get released or if it does it would be a really long time before the consumer market would get there hands on it why because it would cause the auto company’s to lose quite a bit of money so by being innovative and coming up with great ideas inst allays a good thing

  15. From Where Do you Buy It

  16. esto es mi tarea??

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