BMW’s Future Predictions! – CES 2016

How does BMW see the performance automobile market changing with the introduction of autonomous driving, and how do they plan to use the Internet of Things to amplify the importance of our vehicles?

This video is sponsored by BMW. Learn more about everything BMW has at the show at http://bmw.com

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  1. Does it at least have a GTX 980ti in it?

  2. I bet mechanics are looking forward to having to fix any of that shit

  3. Tesla Motors has, not concept, but the real car with big screen, that can come out of the garage, as well as park itself. Just sayin’. 🙂

  4. Doors are for the weak. 8+()

  5. Music is annoying.

  6. so which fast food place is going to let your car come pick up a drive through order first

  7. Skynet is coming……

  8. WOW

  9. meanwhile in Tesla motor news. . .

  10. I want more LTT car videos (focus on car-tech of course)

  11. What pokémon is that?

  12. This is soooooooooooooo freaking amazing!!!

  13. This car looks like it’s built beautiful

  14. i fucking love science

  15. Just wait until BMW owns their own space ships

  16. That whole "You don’t enjoy doing this, let me take over" thing might be the solution to traffic jams.

  17. check linus his head on 2:40 haha

  18. Is it NSA certified?

  19. So… I can take a nap while the car drives to it’s destination?

  20. At the end cars will drive us

  21. dude let me just put some music on, just need to wave my hand and focus on the screen oh!!! crash lol

  22. So the car will do things that you don’t particularly like doing yourself while you are stopped in traffic. And what might that be?

  23. I’m actually not really into cars at all, but the technology this car uses is impressive. Everything looks very smooth and streamlined; a actual functional and useful concept.

    I would love to see this become the future of cars. I’m impressed.

  24. I want this car. When will it be available in America?

  25. * Did nobody notice, that this is all possible using the force? Air touch, automated parking, garage doors opening/closing, lights turning on/off,… Here is a proof:


    I also like the force feedback called bumper detect when someone vandalizes.

    *don’t take this post too seriously 😉

  26. I live in Bavaria

  27. ugly as fuck

  28. omg is it a spaceship?

  29. I think I just came

  30. This video feels different from a normal LMG video.

  31. …it needs some doors..

  32. Did anyone else just watch Linus when he was talking to the BMW spokesperson? He looked like he was having fantasies about him in his head.

  33. isnt this the car that was in mission impossible…

  34. I don’t really know what companies are waiting to put HUD on the windshields.
    If someone knows, please tell me.

  35. I feel like BMW sponsored LTT with quite some money. I can kinda see it on Linus’ face lol

  36. Security must be intense with those technology. Since the priority on the road is always gonna be safety.

  37. need to get #LinusCarTips trending

  38. name of the song? damn those deep bass notes.
    inb4 darude – sandstorm

  39. This is way too far into the future.

  40. no comments?

  41. To nitpick here, while you can use the translucent display over the base screen, it would be easier to blend the graphics on the base screen. I like the touch interface on the inside rim of the steering wheel, looks more tactile than navigation wheels like iDrive or MMI.

  42. 3:19 I’d use to it display the lyrics (and visualizers) for the music I’m listening to so that my dad will stop butchering the song.

  43. Song?

  44. Its based on the i8*

  45. Why are they making cars with tech

  46. looks like the aston martin james bond movie car

  47. Knight Rider is becoming real. Only thing is, K.I.T.T. is going to be a BMW and not a Chevy.

  48. So no aircondition?

  49. I hope they do good with non button interactions, granted there’s the steering wheel. The one thing that bugs the crap out of me about my dad’s Cadillacs is, touch based interfaces! The driver needs to focus on the road not to be looking for the touch buttons to change the temperature. In my car I can change volume, switch between stations(presets) or change temperature or fan speeds all without looking away from the road. That’s what physical interfaces(buttons and knobs) can do for you.

  50. I don’t want to live in a home that knows me enough to plan my day or whatever that was. And I don’t whant a car that does the things im supposed to do for me. If I wanted that I’d ride a buss or maybe grab an Uber.

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