BMW’s Vision Future Luxury Concept Car Walkaround from Pebble Beach

http://www.autobytel.com/auto-news/features/the-future-of-luxury-according-to-the-bmw-vision-123798/?id=32972 If BMW were to build a vehicle that replaces the 7-Series as the Flagship sedan this would be it! Think of this concept as the 9-Series. The Vision Future Luxury Concept asks the question: “How can BMW create a future luxury vehicle through innovation?” The Vision Future Luxury Concept combines numerous innovations on both the exterior and the interior. The laser headlamps first appeared on the i8 and will be a part of any future vehicle, the signature kidney grille has been enlarged, and the rear doors are “suicide” style. The interior continues the line of mixing materials. One of the most unique aspects of the BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept is that the B-Pillar has been somewhat removed or integrated into the seat. This is quite an interesting and unique take. This concept car is also packed with future connectivity technology that run the head-up display, gauges, and central stack all in an effort to serve up the information the driver wants.

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  1. OMG I lovely this car

  2. Their vision are suicide doors, Audi lights and non-adjustable Tesla seats? lol I understand it’s a non-working concept and I kinda dig the interior colors but I don’t think this looks as good as other recent concepts even from Hyundai and Buick.

  3. omg give the man a mic!

  4. this hurts my eyes to look at

  5. good job BMW!! That’s what u call luxury. I’m sorry to all the haters that can’t afford a bimmer. I got a 750 lol

  6. 1st

  7. The current ones looks better


  9. Hyundai concep i- Flow

  10. Stunning design! I wonder how much of the concept will actually make it into the production car?!!

  11. Q80 rip off

  12. this wil have to get made by BMW with mercedes s class now out and cadillac to reveal their new flagship in 2016 its time for bmw to "WOW" their customers with new technology and new sporty luxurious looks and this hits the nail on the head. Good job BMW lets see it become a reality now. the interior is flawless and love the exterior bmw has gotten so bland over the years its just sad time for a TRUE CHANGE BMW.

  13. best BMW design so far. 

  14. Beautiful! I want one darn-it!!!!

  15. This car is Perfect perfect perfect

  16. I hate BMW but that is hot

  17. Aluminium on the doors , is easy to make a scratch

  18. Looks like a Citroen Metropolis. So, BMW turned their design over to Citroen?

  19. Front seats don’t have enough thigh support for anyone over 5 ft. 8 in.

  20. Why does this have to be concept, why don’t they actually make it like this

  21. Hmmmmm what a wow

  22. Look line an merc gt s from behind

  23. The Thing I like The mosT abouT The car is ThaT iT doesn’T look like a BMW

  24. i hope this car isn’t as bad as this fucking audio, am i right ?

  25. What a shame you can’t adjust the passenger’s seat without moving the central pillar…

  26. Hyyy

  27. The worst audio on YouTube 🙁

  28. buy a microphone

  29. nice design….bmw has been boring for some years…


  31. Beautiful! I want one darn-it!!!!

  32. I think my phone speakers are broken.

  33. Looks nice, but looks like an attempt to challenge the Ciel and Elmiraj. Cadillac is the winner in my book. 

  34. wow

  35. Keep buying cars so we can keep selling the parts. 🙂

  36. wow fire this man boy thing!

  37. Great concept and car , most of this design is being copies by Korean car , but anyway , BMW always is a BMW , we see to much haters without money to afford one of this pretty soon , lol.

  38. blah… blah… blah… that’s all i heard.

  39. Man, I can’t wait to be the third owner of this thing.

  40. sometimes i just hate when you guys talk a load of BS.. the car is amazing..dont mess it up with all sorts of euphemisms and shit.. "you can see muscular lines and bold surfaces" WTF DOES THAT MEAN!!!

  41. So you can create a car of the future, but it was too big a stretch to buy a microphone?

  42. Don’t u guys think is too early !? Too Design a Future looking car ? Like seriously come on , Were only 15 yrs away from the 90s & You guys are making a tooo high end looking car

  43. It would probably be a good idea to have a better microphone, because for the most part all you could hear is the background noise and only a partial bit of what he said.

  44. It’s crazy they really ruined the highlander

  45. Can we stop with the huge ugly grilles already

  46. BMW is mainly suitable for people with wealth related to luxury lifestyle, and I’m not talking about 3 series!

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