British & American English: Cars & Driving Vocabulary

http://www.engvid.com Petrol or gas? Lorry or truck? High Street or Main Street? British or American English? Learn both British and American English vocabulary for talking about driving and cars! Then take a quiz on this lesson at http://www.engvid.com/british-american-english-cars-driving/

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  1. can we say bus trunk for luggage compartment in a bus?

  2. 1:21 rrrred 🙂

  3. good class .
    really enjoyed

  4. What about "motor homes" for caravans or trailers?

  5. And in Britain they say intersection, in America they say crossroads.

  6. British English vs American English

  7. davenport

  8. in the end its all english

  9. I like you so much Roni madam.

  10. I am from britain and I say truck not lorry and I call a "blinker/winker" an indicator. Sometimes I would call the pavement the footpath.

  11. congratulations on your great lessons. By the way, what about accelerator = gas pedal? I think gas pedal isn’t a British English expression, am I right? Greetings from Spain.

  12. Your teaching style is interesting .I like it very much.
    SHIVA.From India.

  13. Yanks vs brits 🙂 china and russia

  14. are your lessons in british or american ?

  15. I’m from Brazil and I’m learning english. this videos are helping me to get great grades at school. thanks. It’s very important know the differences between British English and north American English. yesterday an english girl told me buenos días in my Facebook(I hate it) .she’s ass. Brazilians speak Portuguese and many people think that we speak Spanish (ignorance)

  16. you are a great teacher! your lecture is easy to remember! tks

  17. We dont say blinker for a directional signal, we say an indicator.

  18. you are so lovely

  19. Thumbs up if you’ve been inside of a trunk

  20. we call blinkers the indecenter in england

  21. Blinker is an indicator. And we never use Silencer for muffler. That should be Exhaust. A silencer is what we put on a gun.

  22. We don’t call it a blinker or winker we call it an indicator you idiot

  23. I am looking for some one to practice my English

  24. that was so funny i mean she say it so naturaly and normaly. the boot where you can place dead bodies alive bodies drunk people jaajaajajjajaja with a very relaxed face jajajajaj

  25. In the US, I tend to say bumper; I use standard/manual interchangeably; I say turn signal; I say semi for the huge trucks and delivery truck for deliveries; Highway is a general term while I use: freeway (highway with no traffic lights), tollway (highway that costs money), route (minor US highway), interstate (major US highway).

  26. Классный урок.

  27. thanks

  28. What about "indicator", for winker/signal? Do they use that too?

  29. I like your way of teaching, body language and nice expressions and learn to wink..:-)

  30. I swear Americans use blinker too. wth? I’ve been speaking English my life 

  31. can any one explain me the usage of the future continuous tense, please ?

  32. in eastern Canada most people say turn signal or blinker. Canada is a huge country so there are differences in the way we speak from one part to another. we also call the main part of town downtown whether it’s higher or lower than the rest of the town

  33. The directional signal I call a : "turn signal". I am from So Cal. Maybe a difference between Toronto ,Canada and US

  34. You are very positive teacher. Thank you!

  35. we call it a turn signal not a directional signal. we also say blinker too.

  36. So you say fender right, does that mean that you have fender stickers? because we say Bumper stickers. And we say Indicators and not blinkers… what do you call an actual trailer? trailer that you attach to your bull bar to tow goods around… sidewalk sounds like a verb. pavement is actual paving meant to jog, walk your pets, disabled wheelchairs, bicycles and many other uses other than sidewalking… lol verb

  37. Thanks a lot keep it up

  38. Thank you it’s help full to me…excellent teacher……

  39. Hey, thank you very much, this is useful. I’d just like to mention that I’m in California and here people use "manual" and "blinker" instead of "standard" and "signal"

  40. it’s really helpful

  41. Amazing!

  42. Two amusing things.   Fag=cigarette,  Spanner= Wrench

  43. it is indicator not blinker or winker dumbass

  44. Vraiment merci !

  45. sometimes in India we use both american and British words………hahahahahahaha……..:-P

  46. im pretty sure we say bumper as well. i’ve never used fender lol

  47. is a courtesy light

  48. ขอบคุณครับ

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