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  1. It’s a bad time to be a rich single man. You’ll never know if they’re there for you or the money…

  2. Has this been re posted ?

  3. Saw this car in real life the other day and never knew what it was. Now I see it again !

  4. 3:21 is the gun bro. . . 4:20 XD nice job!

  5. Hard reality

  6. Hi me rich asian do you want to talk so we can about getting you a lambo

  7. i could name like 2 of the locations you used lol. good vid, cant believe that chick spit in ur face

  8. You told her you came from a different state yet you have California plates..

  9. ok this video is better than the last

  10. Where are you from?

  11. Lol the cousin cracks me up

  12. Hey! Are you jogging right now?


  13. What did you say since she spit on u!?

  14. That was funny

  15. " I can make time, yeah"

  16. Should I subscribe ?

  17. 6:16 XD !

  18. what happened to your girlfriend?

  19. I sorta understand the girl at 3:25

  20. the taller girl was pretty

  21. The last one was so funny I got water on my Airforce 1s.

  22. I think the girl jogging isn’t a gold digger she just got scared

  23. Repost?

  24. if she spat in my face id smack her in the jaw

  25. I like how this prankster is Asian!

  26. The last one was hilarious


  28. Why they so many golddiggers😂😂. Where em loyals at?

  29. Ur awesome man Asian Mafia respect

  30. ajajjaajjajaja cool ajajjajajajajajqj

  31. i don’t think it was the car…they pulled a gun on you.

  32. The Girl at 2:15 is actually pretty good, i think she just ran away because she thought you are a Dealer or Something.

  33. lol like the skits at the end

  34. Lmao she spit on you bruh.

  35. damn very nice care I am so jealous

  36. Intro song?

  37. why isnt he posting?

  38. do more gold digger pranks plzzzz

  39. LOL

  40. montclair!

  41. Awesome pranks.. Please do more pranks like this.

  42. dat last 1


  44. for those think too the chinese people are good

  45. bro you cant find any hotter chicks to do this on?

  46. the BMW i8 is my dream car

  47. Last girl idc I’d beat tf put her lol

  48. Hey I love your videos so funny plz make more

  49. can I use your car so I can do its too I’m only 10

  50. I think the second girl left cause of the drama tbh

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