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  1. Not only an amazing automobile but it was intended to travel on water and fly … an ‘omni-vehicle’. As an engineer I chaired a public meeting in 1996 in Australia and video was shown of vehicles in Japan that had sensors to prevent them going off the road or crashing into the vehicle ahead. Our transport system is still in the "Dark Ages" as Fuller would have said and it is time we got off the ground, so to speak.

  2. did you notice he got a Speeding Ticket by the City of New York?
    See 0:34 through 0:38.

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  5. visto en carpodcast-com-uy

  6. @unitivity < I’ve seen 3 wheeler in India, large and small versions with one tire in the front few decades ago and they still have these- better fuel economy as fuel costs 3-4 times more there.

  7. @Bimfix You are very bright and I am sure that is exactly what happened. He was a genius and way ahead of his time. My ambition for years has been to build a geodesic dome………….check those out!

  8. Gee.. I can’t imagine why it didn’t catch on. lol

  9. Kiitos

  10. i think there was an accident with that car and the passengers were hurt really bad. it wasn’t a very safe design

  11. ,,,a speeding ticket.,,,vehicle is so agile and quick to accelerate pass the other cars on the highway….now if that isn’t a statement, then I don’t know what is..

  12. That’s Amelia Earhart in the backseat at :27.

  13. @SESConferenceExpo Too big for any advantage in cities (+ gas and visibility issues). Too dangerous for motorways. There is a great reason why we don’t have mass produced three wheeled cars around today. They are notoriously unstable.

    The way the back-end swings round looks lethal to pedestrians.

    Nice example of forward thinking though. Looks like a detached passenger section of an airship.

  14. At 0.37 I could swear she has no children with her by 1.00 she has about 10 getting out of the car. Perhaps there were other problems. The man didn’t need his hands to steer -we know that

  15. i love to compare it to all the other cars in the footage. so far ahead of his times… so far! most people still cant comprehend it and in feeling stupid condemn him as insane. "that’s either pure genius or pure stupidity."

  16. LOL

    not if i beat ya to it chemist!


  17. THIS CAR WAS NOT A DEATH TRAP. It had a very low center of gravity.
    I was told by bucky that when you turn the wheel it jacked up the rear a little
    and if you let the wheel go it would go straight. THe accident you are speaking of
    was a cab ran a stop sign and hit it in the side. it was so far ahead of the others they look like boxes. check it out in the film. It was a design that will come back.

  18. go to: conversationswithbucky dotcom

  19. If this puppy were shorter, I would totally want one. Not only looks cool, but that singular rear wheel makes parallel parking a sinch (0:41).

    I hear the car was basically buried because the banks recalled their loans. Something about other car manufacturers being afraid the DMX would put them out of business. Maybe it would have… 🙂

  20. @SESConferenceExpo
    But… there is actually… Velayo. It’s build on the same principle but in a smaller scale. It’s also aerodynamic. And Velayo is also front wheel driven. And just like with Dymaxion Car – some folks are afraid of the (Velayo’s) rear steering capabilities. Same story. People are simply afraid of new things.

  21. @pm0501 one burnt, one in reno, and one in chicago sicence and industry.

  22. The dymaxion was a GREAT car
    ford or dodge should make a new dymaxion with extra’s like modernisation
    fix the three wheel thing (it tipped over killed a person with three wheels)
    so it will still have three wheels
    because it is a great car!

    like this comment if you want ford to make one

  23. Thank You ,I saw  this car on Mystery Museum and it did not do the Dymaxion Car

  24. Amelia Earhart at 0:25 !!!

  25. @moonlightdsn and hemp oil?

  26. I understand the VW Vanagon was inspired by the design of the DMX car.

  27. @unitivity Here in UK three wheelers used to be quite popular as they attracted less tax . If you put the single wheel at the front It was probably better to get out and walk if you came to a corner.They still sold probably to kill your mother in law but with the single wheel at the back as here they worked quite well. They are still made in small numbers as fun machines.

  28. @JoeHawking Hi Joe … you would love the VW they built (experimental) that the got 1000mpg, almost double their deign brief. Was shaped just like a bullet, ultra light weight and cameras put the back instead of rear view mirrors etc. But I’m clear the time of petrol driven is finished … all electric from now, and solar powered.

  29. I was sure I saw one of these at the Museum Of Science And Industry in Chicago. Was it moved to Nevada within the last 10 years?

  30. pretty cool the way he proudly smokes a cigarette while standing beside his invention!

  31. My grandfather used to scoop all the chicks back in the day with that car!

  32. But even so, his car is sooooo fucking ugly. Not to be a party pooper, but IT IS! It’s ugly! So are all modern cars as well, mind you, so I guess the design of cars would have been disasterous no matter what direction it had taken. For me, car design died a slow death in the 70’s. Well I guess you were talking about other aspects of his car than just looks?….
    …Still, his car is so damn ugly……

  33. Yeah, a reliant robin. but those are a lot more unstable then the dymaxion car, by virtue of having its one wheel in front and two in back, rather then two in front and one in back.

  34. Fuller was such a visionary.

  35. The people who were going to fund this car (Owners of the Blimp thingys) came to test the car for themselves, but there was an accident and a few people were killed and injured, I want to say one of the investors themselves, so they scrapped their investment in the manufacturing.

  36. This is the world’s first mini-van. American industry has no place for engineers lacking a degree like Buckminster. Yet virtually every out of the box ideas have came from such men who were not trained to persue the intelectual dogma of the day. Having worked for decades in Silicon Valley it has been such men who have made most of our disruptive technologies we have seen in the last 100 years…. We never learn….

  37. No, it was rear engined front wheel drive.

  38. what prevents the Dymaxion from being produced today??

  39. I would totally love this as a motor home camper!

  40. It looks like it would be prone to ground-loops.

  41. @threelegduck

    It had a rear mounted ford engine, front wheel drive with only 1 rear wheel, this was the turning wheel.

  42. The main problem was the accident at the World’s Fair that killed all of its credibility. It makes you wonder how different automobiles would look had that not happened and the car succeeded.

  43. Powerful Joe Rogan!

  44. Cool Car. Looks something like the art car I have been thinking of making.

  45. I have also read that the Dymaxion got 30+ mpg. Very impressive considering what other cars were getting at the time.


  46. 31mpg on a flatty ford. incredble

  47. If I’m ever independently wealthy, I am going to personally finance a whole new line of these.

  48. @JoeHawking Excellent statement: Yes WE are paying daily a huge , one just to get in and turn a KEY …………

  49. The design was incredibly stable. The accident was reported, but probably never happened. This was a running theme with Buckminster Fuller’s inventions. They were great, but the public was skeptical because they were so different and then all of the sudden a news story came about just in time to ensure his inventions never had a chance to compete with the current market leaders.

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