Bugatti Head of Design’s Personal 911 Project – /DRIVEN

This week on DRIVEN we spend some time with Achim Anscheidt, Head of Design for Bugatti. Achim takes us for a drive around the streets of Berlin in his stripped down 911 while he shares his thoughts on minimalism in design and construction, and how he feels about personal design projects.

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  1. Great video and brilliant reasoning behind his project. Colin Chapman would be proud.

  2. Nice!

  3. 1:10 The car is a 1981 SC body

  4. Keep coming back to this

  5. Wish you guys could revisit this and make it more detail and longer. Really intriguing!!

  6. this is a nice perspective

  7. Hallo, ich möchte mir genau einen solchen Doppelrohrschalldämpfer bauen lassen, welchen Durchmesser haben die Rohre und wie lang sind sie, sie harmonieren perfekt! Woher stammt dieser Endschalldämpfer, vielleicht sogar von Fa. Fuchs?
    Würde mich sehr über eine Antwort freuen,
    vielen Dank,

  8. Great early 911 tail on a (G)-model.

  9. I had the exact same issues with the Fuchs wheels when doing a restoration for a relative of mine. Difficult to judge where to place the tape lines… It took me many hours to get the masking correct. Its interesting to see that other people found it difficult too!

  10. "I want the Porsche Bugatti designed."

  11. Love this video. Drive channel this was a high point of your channel.👍🏼

  12. Love the interior touch on this ’81 SC backdate and similarities to the 991-991R!

  13. This is one of the best, most intelligently thought out reworkings of a Porsche that I have ever seen. Absolutely beautiful, increased performance via major weight-loss of a car that already sparkles in pretty well any arena of road performance. 🙂

  14. every hundred pounds is a 1/10 of a second,in the racing world,that a lot.1000 pounds is a second knocked off the acceleration times,So if this car had a 0-60 time of say 5.5,it would now have a very quick time of 4.5.Smart guy.Aerodynamics,weight,friction

  15. Where is the sound of the engine? As a car and motorcycle enthusiast, I think the sound of the engine is just as important as visuals of the car, I can’t believe you guys put music in this video and no engine sound.

  16. Now if he could apply what he has learned to making a new car for Bugatti that is light weight.  A Veyron weighs 2.5 times as much as this. 

  17. I’ve seen this video about 10 times now. Loving it, best video on youtube…

  18. love it

  19. It could be a bit more personal but an excellent build nonetheless. Those panels he described are really what make it, for me at least. I’m curious about the weight savings versus the steel panels. 

  20. when he says kevlar, does he mean carbon fiber? awesome car. thats how i would do it as well. hot rodded. stripped down. love the color too.

  21. Great attitude to evolution and development of a personal 911, Now, where can I get those Kevlar panels he speaks of?
    Its a wonderful expression of a 911 ethos, I’ve a ’76 911 2.7 which hasn’t been on the road for years. I will need a full restoration and rebuild always made easier by ditching the old and bringing in the new, would like to efi the engine too. Lighter and more power, He’s damn near current 911 power to weight ratio’s

  22. All the British stereotypes about Germans are little more than psychological projection. Get a mirror, you filthy cunts. 

  23. the water painting thing was the most ingenious and most German thing I’ve ever heard

  24. That’s why Bugatti is on top right now…

  25. I like his comment on the doing his fuchs. Using water to level the wheel line to tape it off for painting. Very smart.

  26. Beautiful car. Did they say how much power it has?

  27. Oh my gosh, I am definitely going to do a classic 911 project when I can afford to. 😀

  28. Beautiful

  29. This is the most intelligently hot-rodded car I have ever seen. Beautiful on an intellectual as well as on an aesthetic level. 🙂

  30. If I were Bugatti CEO I would have fired him.

  31. To sure what I love more… his gorgeous 911 or his equally as beautiful A Lange Soehne watch!!!!!

  32. Nice project!! Love the idea of stripping out everything including the carpet etc.
    Did I miss something? If anything this is a ’71 model not an ’81…

  33. Lot of sense spoken by that gentleman

  34. dont Cost the world. ich love this crazy germans

  35. not surprised of the eclectic 911 depicted here….it mirrors the owner..you can just tell this guy is so proud..so pleased of the results..and the biggest smile he gave was in reference to how he painted the rims..i wish they would interview this guy as he walk around the Bugatti design studio…

  36. That is because even he knows that most of the modern cars are just plain ugly and cookie cutter designs, and that includes the modern Bugatti also.

  37. Cool guy and great video (esp. editing)!

  38. No heater in Berlin…? That’s tough.. everything else, I agree with. Perfect build.

  39. Wow. 800 kg. Wow

  40. You know porsche is the best when bugatti design has to have one! Ive always said if i could have any car in the world porsche 911GT2! Ever since i was 13 and my best friend/my uncle bought his brand new black on black 911 non turbo but it had the whail tail. Ever since and im 39 now my love has never changed for either the car or my uncle who passed away 4 years ago to als i lost one of my best friends in the world but not the love for porsches! 930 or 911 to be exact! That was like a 72,000 dollar car back then! Amagin that! I drive a bmw 325 xi competion model for now . but some day i hope to have my own 911!

  41. It’s almost the same formula as a Singer


  43. was looking to personalize our 85 carrera the wheel painting deal is great and cheap! those fuel injection stacks not so much 😄😄

  44. Don’t cost the world. Just about $50k. 🙂

  45. Great video!

  46. Porsche name is prestige. but the cars are shitty

  47. I have seen this video like 10 times. How German man, the simplistic design then the simplistic "hot roding" of this car. Amazing he has this car down to less than 1850 lbs can you imagine how responsible this thing is? Wow.

  48. way too short

  49. This is a great episode. Love this.

  50. anyone know what the gauge in engine bay is reading? oil pressure? fuel pressure?

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