Built to Spill – “Car”

Music video I made from Library of Congress footage — I mashed up a bunch of public service announcements from the 50s. See Built to Spill live! Buy their records! Support one of the hardest working and consistently brilliant bands to come out of the indie scene.

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  1. I like this~ The beginning makes me think of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, "Our House"

  2. In fall of 2000 I won tickets to go see them live, and never really heard of them.  I was standing in line to get in the club and see some homeless looking dude in a green army jacket homeless Vets usually wear, somewhat bald witha beard streak with grey and an old back pack come to us and said hey how’s it going then went to the entrance and get let in.  Me an my buddy thought maybe that was the janitor of the club or something.  When they started to play, we were shocked to see it was Doug Martsch, we meant in line earlier.  I am more into goth/metal.industrial, but their set blew me away and I became an instant fan, especially when they epically closed with Broken Chairs.

  3. saw them in houston yesterday at a festival was going for modest mouse but built to spill was so fucking awesome

  4. this is probablt my favorite song on the album

  5. 58 people probably need a nap.

  6. Very cool. Is this a cover? Seems like I’ve heard brand new do this.

  7. It feels like Kermit the Frog became human and started singing about real shit

  8. Almost gungey type hipster style. Portland is the king of Indie music…. Pabst, converse, black frames, ten speed with 2 speeds… Skinny jeans, coffee..

  9. A classic

  10. Reminds me of Modest Mouse and Neutral Milk Hotel a lot!

  11. dude I haven’t heard this song in a wicked long time. It just shuffled on after another song. Reminds me of when I was a teenager listening to the radio. Love it.

    Those first four seconds

  12. best song ever

  13. I always thought he said u get the car I’ll get the knife lol omg am I just a demented fuck or does it sorta sound like that?

  14. Gotta love that awkward moment where you reunite with an old buddy to see Built to Spill (for the first time since being a fan since the 90’s, because they never visited your home town) and you arrive during one of the opening acts. 20 minutes later a band take the stage, I turn to my friend and ask him "is that Built to Spill"? He doesn’t know. Neither of us can confirm, because we have no clue what the band looks like. Then we realize that kids today wouldn’t know what that feels like, because music and image (MTV, videos) go hand in hand these days, and image seems so important to success. Feeling old has never felt better. Hearing the feedbacked opening to Time Trap, I knew who had hit the stage, and the rest was bliss.

  15. this song just reminds me of Kerouac’s "On The Road" 🙂

  16. I listened to this song because I visited a website that listed "10 Songs you must hear before you die". This one was #10 and it’s god awful and I hope I’ll never have to hear it again, but at least I can say I heard it before I died. Thank god it’s over.

  17. Why are some of the people in the video dropping on the ground and taking cover? Were the clips from videos about nuclear explosions?

  18. this is my favorite song. I was just thinking about it so I decided to play it here. for me the words (combined with the music) leap straight from their literal meaning past analysis straight into making me feel stuff. its warm and mild and right and i love it.

  19. what the heck? it has no sound… Don’t tell me it got sacked by Youtube!

  20. 666 comments

  21. "I’ll light the fire, you place the flowers / In the vase that you bought today.." plus some Neil and strangely elo? but maybe they mean big star (harhar) ?

  22. This song is good.

  23. one of my faves, evah!

  24. I wanna see it when you get stoned on a cloudy breezy desert afternoon!!!–fav part of the song…

  25. This song was on a list of songs to listen to before you die and honestly this song makes me want to die, so I think I understand the correlation now

  26. Wow holy shit built to spill you guys really outdid yourselves on this track, this things great! Probably gonna go down as one of your top hits. Its fucking brilliant! What are you guys gonna title this masterpiece?


  27. Man, I’d kill to see these guys live! Great band, great track!

  28. That ending with the cigarette thingy is pretty baller.

  29. Show me the deer!

  30. just got in to built to spill heavanly inspiring music

  31. one of my favorite songs of all time. i think it’s the cello

  32. prove to everyone else that everything sucks!

  33. This video is actually pretty cool, wish the creator knew what upscaling is tho

  34. you should add the 7" version of "scarin’."

  35. Oh Boise.. How I miss you.

  36. My favorite Death Cab for Cutie song.

  37. Such a good fucking song. I worked at House of Blues way back in 2006 and when I got to pick one free show to go to I went to Built to Spill. Love them.

  38. who the fuck thumbs down this song????????

  39. Why would there be an ad in the middle of the fucking song.. come on guys.. dont be fucking stupid

  40. cool job, friend.

  41. I reckon about 1 million of the views came from me.

  42. The rasp in his voice when he says "now" is so great.

  43. This has to be a different recording than the version on The Normal Years. The guitar is definitely different.

  44. I don’t hear Neutral Milk Hotel, I hear Magical Mystery Tour era Beatles.

  45. brilliant song!!!

  46. went to cocert last sunday in berlin, as every year. great band

  47. I listened to this song because I visited a website that listed "10 Songs you
    must hear before you die". The songs made me want to die. Not anything I would be interested in hearing again.

  48. This honestly my favorite song. Beautiful in every way, sometimes I sit in my dorm and play it on repeat.

  49. I wanna see it when you find out what comets, stars, and moons are all about.

  50. im 20 years old and living in south africa . ive been listening to this band religiously and never has there been and band thats got me through tough times and helped me embrace the good times like this one.i dont know a single soul here thats heard of them and its so sad but beautiful at the same time cause it just makes it more special . the fact that i know them and nobody else does . i love built to spill ,the day i find out they tour in SA i would die. i

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