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Candide Thovex doesn’t wait for winter.

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Filmed in Megève, France.

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  1. his skis must hate him but he still rides well

  2. I just took peptobismo and I just sharted in my pant

  3. R.I.P Skies

  4. Oh those poor skis

  5. Did he land behind the car?

  6. when you’re that good of a skier you don’t need snow

  7. i thought he was going to hit the car

  8. Oi mate can I buy those skis off you. I’m skiing on a pair of 95cm and really like factions.

  9. 1:33 when you’re skiing and she sends the " my parents aren’t home " text

  10. he ruined his skis for us. give him a like.

  11. Wait what is snow again?

  12. You know skis work better with "snow" but you do you

  13. Take that global warming!

  14. Plot twist: it’s a car commercial

  15. trop cool

  16. Habe soeben eine Anzeige gegen Thovex und Audi rausgehauen.
    1. Gefährdung von Wirbeltieren 0:30
    2. Massiver Eingriff in eine Schutzzone (NSG oder FFH-Zone) 0:35
    3. Ruhestörung der großen Hufeisennase im Straßentunnel-Habitat 0:52
    4. Potentielles Verusachen von Waldbränden 0:47 und 0:56
    5. Mißachtung der Straßenverkehrsordnung durch Nichteinhaltung der gesetzlichen Überflughöhe 1:26
    Ich werde meine Hände ab sofort in Unschuld waschen und meinen A4 quattro einer umweltfreundlichen NGO spenden.

  17. Those ski is would be wrecked.

  18. now I don’t have to see the new triple X movie :>

  19. ахуенный чувак)))))))))))))

  20. lol

  21. wtf was that jump in the car

  22. Лыжи умерли, он их убил окончательно одной такой поездкой

  23. ok…… that’s cool… #productplacement

  24. Rip skis, they looked pretty nice

  25. Fake

  26. Those poor skiis ;_;

  27. T’as mis quoi sous tes skis pour que sa glisse aussi bien sur l’herbe ? (avec mes potes on aimerais faire pareil dans une descente au lycée)😉

  28. Wait, I just watched 2 minutes long commercial?! Well played Audi, played.

  29. Tu trouves que la voiture pollue assez l’environnement ? Toi qui est dans le mood freeride ? Est-ce que l’argent permet de tout pouvoir acheter ? Même toi ? c’est triste…

  30. Чувак, это нечто. Respekt in the Russia.

  31. бля збс мужик

  32. Fucking unreal.  This dude is a pure bred savage

  33. U should mute the sound and just play music

  34. GoPro: line of summer

  35. Im going to try it in my garden!

  36. Putain il a niqué les spatules !

  37. No way

  38. ouch. just ouch. those skis..

  39. yo is that possible to ski down the asphalt wtf

  40. сколько пар лыж он стёр ао время съемок?

  41. rip skis

  42. je tadore
    candide thovex


  44. How do you do it without snow
    (Comme je suis pas sûr que la phrase que j’ai écrite veut dire quelque chose et que je sais que tu es français je vais la redire en français)
    Comment tu fais pour skier sans neige et sans te prendre d’obstacle ?

  45. who drove the car down

  46. rip in peace those skis

  47. I am in week 2 of utilizing this “fimi amazing plan” (Google it) and it is clearing up my reoccurring trouble with yeast infections. Being cleared of yeast infection makes me feel refreshed and clean. I will update next month to see if it will put an end to my bouts with yeast infections.

  48. that was pretty cool. i just watched some idiot ride a dirtbike on a wave. the motorsports people are not getting the idea. ya its cool to do different stuff but it is not cool to shit on nature to sell carbinated donkey piss. i like this kind of stuff but it sucks that now some d bag snowmobiler will now put up a u tube video of him trying this on a loud anoying sled twearing up the mountain and then a million uncreative motor head d bags will watch it on u tube and say how rad it is. for real you guys suck. is it not enough to kill the planet on a dailly bassis, nope those guys want to kill mother nature on there days off

  49. this do me a spook

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